How to Discover the Top Real Estate Companies in Pune

Are you a first-time investor in the domain of real estate? If yes, then surely you are looking for the best guidebook that will help you to select the most suitable property and invest in the best prospect possible. In this context, you are likely to come across a broad spectrum of suggestions and rules to follow.

However, in the course of this discussion, we will highlight one of the very important tips which will help newbie buyers invest in the most authentic projects. This is to look for projects from some of the top real estate companies in Pune.

Current Real Estate Market in Pune


Real estate in Pune

The construction industry has been one of the main pillars of Pune’s economy. For as long as it can be remembered the construction or the real estate development industry in Pune has been rather encouraging. The skyline of the city has witnessed the commencement and completion of different real estate projects in different parts of the city.

These projects have been both residential as well as commercial in their nature. Several factors have acted as encouraging trigger catalysts that have helped to improve and enhance the real estate development industry of the city.

Pune have witnessed some real solid measures of development and growth in various parts of the city. Not only the central locations but even the outskirts of the city have been developed at a rapid scale.

The suburban regions like Pimpri Chinchwad have witnessed the development of commercial spaces from a very early stage in Pune’s history. The phenomenon of industrialization did set into Pune very early which have provided the people of the city with handsome employment and livelihood opportunities. The generous per capita income of the city and its people is yet again one of the significant reasons which have led to the development of the construction industry in Pune.

How the Market gets Changed due to Pandemic


Real estate after Pandemic

Needless to say that just like all the industries across the nation, even the construction and the real estate development industry has taken a hit due to the emergence of the Novel Corona Virus. However, experts from the top real estate companies in Pune confirm that this effect is going to be a temporary one.

The developers in the industry are trying new and innovative ways to keep their communication with the prospectus buyers going so that they can keep the wheels of the industry can be kept rotational.

As per the recent reports, new launches have gone down by a margin of 60%. As per the recent market trend, the developers are concentrating on completing the current projects in hand rather than introducing new ones. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority has declared to take really stringent measures against the developers who will flout this regulation.

Patches of Sunshine

However, the situation is not really the same in every sphere of the industry. The Gera Report summarizes that the luxury home segment has seen growth by 71% even during the lockdown period. During this time many people saw this segment as one of the most suitable areas of investment.

As a result of this many new luxury residential projects have been commenced in the period between June 2019 and June 2020. Several factors have supported this growth like liquidity boost into the industry by the RBI, more flexible payment schedules by the developers, increased stress on home ownership amongst the buyers etc.

The Real Estate Developers in Pune and their Contribution to the Industry


NRI investment in India - Dos and Donts

A close look at the construction industry in Pune clearly reveals the fact that the real estate developers have made an integral contribution to the sustenance and the growth of the industry. In the current times under the effect of the pandemic, the developers in Pune are paying greater attention to the aspect of quality.

They are giving keen attention to the point of punctual completion of the projects. The construction cycle is being kept strictly conducive to the parameters of environmental welfare. Any non-adherence to these points can put the developers in a sticky condition.


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Research the profile of the builder

Buyers who are planning to invest for the first time in a real estate project must take a careful look at the profile of the real estate developers in Pune. It is elementally important that you do good research into the background, reputation and status of the developer in the market.

One of the best ways of doing the job is to take a careful look at the kind of job they have done in the past. Visit their earlier completed projects and clearly take a look at the kind of completed project they have handed to their buyers. If possible get into personal communication with the buyers in these projects.

Why do We Need to Buy a Home from a Trustworthy Builder?


buy a home from a trustworthy builder

Quality builders as a standard feature deliver standard products and services to their customers. These builders are certainly much more dependable and bankable in terms of the finished products and services they have in store. They provide better values through their products and services.

Often the bigger real estate developers provide several other perks like effective customer care, better price brackets and many other supportive features. Buyers can get a lot of assistance from these developers that can make the process of investing in a real estate property much simpler, faster and effective.

Kohinoor Group, Pune


The Kohinoor Group Pune is one such highly prestigious and esteemed real estate developer who have unfailingly brought better values for their investors and buyers. The Kohinoor Group is one of the most popular developers in Pune that has come up with some of the most ace and quality construction projects in Pune.

Their projects have been both residential well as commercial. The Group is known for abiding by all the laws and regulations that have been created for the construction industry and their players and at the same time, they have also been successful in creating some of the most premium construction projects in Pune.


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