How The Pashan-Sus Area Has Grown Over The Past Couple Of Years?

Sus is a relatively new area of Pune. It is located in the Western region of the city and is younger compared to the old city areas like Model Colony, Deccan, Laxmi Road etc. Sus has now caught the eye of multiple real estate developers, residents, homebuyers and investors because it is a region that shows promise.

In this blog, we try and take a look at the history of the Sus area, when it developed, what is the situation now and what awaits in the future. This will be helpful for those who want to make an informed decision about whether or not they should be investing within this area or whether it has the promise of high returns on investment.

Let’s take a look...

The History


Sus History



Sus is not a particularly old area. For a majority of the time, up until the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, it was a dense, unpopulated wildland. There were no residences or structures that were built in this area. It is a region located amongst hills so it was difficult to build solid structures that would sustain on rocky, mountainous terrain.

The region was so far outside of the main city that it wasn’t even counted within the Pune city limits back then. There was a small village called Sus Gaon which was the only known settlement in the area.

But all of this started changing in the 1990s when Pune’s population grew and residents started to look for cheaper residential areas on the outskirts since the main city became too expensive. This is when areas like Sus had their time to shine.

Some ambitious developers along with the help of the Pune Municipal Corporation decided to cut into the hills, level off the area, and make it fit for habitation. This is when the development of Sus began and it was finally incorporated into Pune city’s official limits.

The Beginning Stages


Pashan Sus Road - The Beginning Stages



The development of Sus was slow for the first few years, up until 2008- 2009. There were some initial few single-lane roads, built for the minimal traffic in the area.

The new residential projects in Pashan Sus Road and building structures were short averaging between 3 and 5 floors. The area was sparsely populated as a lot of residents were choosing Baner, Pashan, or Bavdhan over Sus.

There were small grocery stores and essential shops but no eateries, cafes, or clothing stores existed in the area. But soon in the late 2000s things were about to change as news about this lush green neighbourhood caught the attention of Punekars.

Rapid Development


Pashan Area - Rapid development



After the late 2000’s Sus has been one of the most rapidly growing areas in Pune city. As soon as more and more people started looking for residential options here, the economic ecosystem within this area grew.

New shops, restaurants, health clinics, and residential buildings started propping up. Schools like Vidya Valley and colleges like Symbiosis opened up in the neighbourhood making it a valid option for students too.

And not just the citizens but the Pune Municipal Corporation too invested heavily in the Sus area during the Pune Commonwealth Games. Road widening was undertaken and the main Sus road was made into a 4 lane road. This made the road accessible for the heavy traffic the area was about to see.

A few years ago there has also been the development of a wide walkway all along the stretch of the main Sus Road. This wide walkway is a great urban planning move as it can be used as a cycling and jogging path, has an outdoor gym for workouts, benches all along for pedestrians to sit, and is neatly landscaped with shady trees.


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Great Return on Investment

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This growth of the economy in Sus and the urban planning initiatives by the PMC have made Sus a hotspot for investment. The area is affordable enough for new investors but is seeing rapid year on year property rate appreciation.

In a few years, Sus too will become a saturated economy with too many buyers available but not enough real estate. This is because the area here is limited and cannot be expanded indefinitely because of the surrounding mountains. This is why if there is a time to invest in the properties in Sus, Pune it is now. An investment today in a developing area is bound to show big returns in the future.

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