How Is the Residential Real Estate Market of Pune Have Changed Post Pandemic

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you can take in your life. This is one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime and yet again this is a decision that can affect your personal and family life to a huge extent in the future. Once again the choice of the residential real estate project where you invest can also affect your investment and ROI portfolio in the coming times. Hence a number of aspects must be borne in mind at the time of making this choice. This is all the more so in the current times of pandemics.

The Real Estate Market in Pune

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The Pune real estate market is considered to be one of the most promising ones in the entire world. The city has seen the commencement and completion of several real estate projects in different parts of the city. Several top-rated builders have been rather active in all the past years in Pune.

Many factors have helped in the development of the construction industry in Pune, which happens to be one of the integral pillars of the city’s economy. Some of these projects have been commercial and a major percentage was residential in their nature and purpose. However, all of this has been a scenario that can be categorically stated as prior to the outbreak of the global pandemic.

The New Condition for Residential Projects Post Pandemic

Real Estate Market In Pune Post Pandemic 

Soon after the outbreak of the global pandemic much like all other sectors of the national economy, even the construction industry has been considerably hit. The real estate development industry in Pune has become considerably sluggish son after the outbreak of the pandemic. The demand for the new projects has gone down considerably. Owing the lockdown period of several months in 2020, has affected the development rate of the construction projects in Pune.

The developers are no longer coming up with new launches. Instead, now the developers and the construction brands are concentrating on completing the projects they have begun prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. However, experts are of the opinion that this is a rather temporary phase for the construction industry. The future of real estate after covid-19 does not seem to be all gloom and doom.

In fact, not all the segments of real estate have been badly hit by the pandemic. If you take a look at the segment of the luxury homes, you will see that the sale in this category has actually experienced a fillip. People feel that this happens to be one of the most lucrative avenues for investment amidst the pandemic.

The Kohinoor Group

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Clearly, the post-pandemic season has not been totally dark for the real estate developers in Pune. Several top-rated developers have been not only concentrating on completing their projects on time for timely delivery but they have also come up with several new projects for their patrons in different parts of the city.

The Kohinoor Group Pune happens to be one of the brightest examples in this domain who have come up with the launch of seven new residential real estate projects in their Kohinoor September Mega Offer. This clearly reveals the fact that the situation for the construction industry and the real estate developers does not happen to be all that shady even in the post-pandemic times.

In fact, a slight lowering of the process of these projects and the availability of low-interest home loans by the banks and the other financial institutions have made this time one of the most favorable ones when it comes to investing in residential real estate projects.

Kohinoor Emerald in Sus Valley


As a prospectus buyer if you are looking to own a home in one of the most natural and scenic locations of Pune and yet be connected with the urban hustle of the city then there cannot be a better option for you than the Kohinoor Emerald. This project is based in the Sus Valley in Pune and happens to be one of the premium offerings from the prestigious Kohinoor Group.

The Sus Valley is known to be one of the most beautiful and naturally blissful locations in Pune, where the valley is located at the foothill region of the surrounding hills near Pune. Yet the place enjoys one of the best connectivity with the rest of the city. The region owing to its nearby proximity to some of the most important commercial zones in Pune has been developed in terms of its roads, civil amenities like markets, hospitals, schools, etc. Naturally, it is considered to be one of the most favorable locations to buy a residential property.

Live Active and Healthy With Kohinoor Sportsville

Kohinoor SportsVille- Sports Enthusiasts

Hinjewadi is one of the premium locations in Pune which has attracted the attention of several top builders of the city. Due to the presence of a large number of facilities and amenities in the location, Hinjewadi is considered to be one location that can offer you a highly comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

The Sportsville by Kohinoor is one of the premium properties of the location and is considered to be a heaven for sports lovers and health-conscious people. Apart from all the other facilities which are characteristic of a Kohinoor Group project Sportsville as a residential complex offers several options of physical activity, sports, and workout regime which can help a person live a healthy life in the current time.

Presidentia in Bt Kawade Road by Kohinoor Group


The last project we will like to talk about in this discussion is Presidentia by Kohinoor. Developed in the BT Kawade region this project is yet again one of the seven projects the group has launched in September Mega offer. This residential complex can offer you a large string of amenities and facilities which will include super architecture and well-planned residential interiors along with a highly developed locality.

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