How Home Increases Happiness?

What are the factors that transform a house into a home? What is the exact definition of happiness associated to a home? These are some essential questions the blog tries to address as succinctly as possible.

Empirical studies and similar research by top authorities across the globe have consistently found out that there is a deep relation between owning a home and happiness. Your home is more than an asset to you. You never quiet realize when it blends with the vibes of your soul, soothing your being.

Looking for happiness in the wrong places



How many times have you searched for happiness in the wrong places? You might have thought that going for a vacation would bring you happiness. You might have wondered that meeting a sales target or getting a promotion at the office might make your feel elated. But, are these things sustainable in the long run?

Here lies the paramount importance of home and your family members. The integral elements of feeling happiness are abstract but intensely threaded with a beautiful home and loving family members.

Homes shape lives

A nice, well-built home is not merely a building with high aesthetic standard. It shapes your life. You find warmth in it. You find safety and security in it. Your loved ones connect to you more intimately and trustfully at home. Homes are the perfect places and arguably the only ones, where you can seek pure and unperturbed refuge.

A stable lifestyle and family

In order to spend and enjoy a balanced, relaxed and at the same time focused lifestyle, you need a family. Importantly, you reside with your family and interact with the members regularly, at your home. Home is the place where you spend maximum time with your family.
Whether with your wife/ husband, parents or child, spending quality time with your family members at home is detoxifying.

It positively relieves you of mental stress, ailing you due to your stringent daily work schedule. When you consider the question ‘why is it important to spend time with your family’, you can rest assured that it is indeed very important to stay physically healthy and mentally fit.

Significance of a family


Beautiful happy family thinking of their dream house


There have been many discussions and debates regarding the importance of a family in one’s life. In fact, several times you might have pondered over the question – ‘why is family important to us’ in a typical melancholic mood or being philosophical at times. There are, of course, multiple reasons that vouch for the importance of a family.

For example, a family provides you the support you need and deserve during challenging times of your life. In difficult times, you require love and ample encouragement. You might receive a bit of sympathy from your friends, but family members are empathetic about your conditions. You require the support to move forward regaining your confidence.

When you want to foster a strong sense of intense belonging that is where the family comes into play. Sharing experiences and many years after the memories create strong bonds that are ever-lasting. Without having a family, this is not possible.

Sharing the same roof with your family also helps you to maintain the good health of your mental state. Your thoughts are clear and you remain more determined to achieve your goals. Studies have also revealed that spending quality time with family helps in academic/professional growth.

When you have to learn important life lessons, you can safely rely on the insights of your family. At times, even the younger members tell you valuable things about life.


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Own a home for a better life




Why owning a home is important’ would lead to several answers and one of them is not economical, but more personal – experiencing a sense of pride and peacefulness. Undoubtedly, owning a home improves the standard of your life. You know that there is a place on earth completely owned by you. You feel content, relieved and relaxed.

The financial considerations are also quite important, as asset value under your name takes a big leap forward. A home could also help you with deductions related to property taxes. Consulting a top financial expert is recommended on this issue.

Sum and substance, a home is a safe haven for your refuge, without being accountable to any individual or authority. Moreover, it is a valuable property.

Owning a flat in Pune

If you plan to own a flat or apartment in an upscale region of a fast developing city, then considering 2 BHK flats in Tathawade Pune is a wise decision. The major metro cities in India, including Mumbai and Bangalore have already reached their saturation points. Better and more lucrative options are open in a high-end city such as Pune.

By purchasing a 2 BHK apartment in Pune, you would instantly make an intelligent decision to improve your lifestyle, strengthening your economic status.

High-profile flats in Tathawade


Kohinoor_Sapphire 2

The apartments of Kohinoor Sapphire 2 Tathawade complexes boast off a superlative architecture, with all modern amenities at a stone’s throw in the local area. From hospitals, markets, schools and colleges, all major service buildings are nearby. The traffic in the vicinity is superb, too. The flats are spacious, airy and render soft, homely warmth. The prices of these flats are competitive, as per the industry standard.

Purchase a home, stay with your family, and be happy. Consider top real estate developers in the industry when you think of going ahead with your plan.



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