Healthcare Facilities In And Around Sus-Pashan Area

We all live in a day & age where modern lifestyle choices have made it mandatory for us to have good healthcare facilities in and around our living space, the recent pandemic being one of the key reasons. The need for good 24x7 healthcare facilities is one of the few things we should never take for granted and always prioritise. Just like every home has a first-aid kit, every neighborhood should have reliable and round-the-clock health services in case of emergencies.

In this regard, the Sus-Pashan area has excellent facilities. Not only is the neighborhood one of the prime spots of Pune, but it also offers pharmacies for your small, daily medical needs, along with clinics for easy access to physicians, and also hospitals for intensive emergency care.

Let's discuss below the health care facilities present in the Sus-Pashan area that make life here a stress-free experience.


Hospital Facilities 

Hospitals in the neighbourhood offer quick access to an emergency room, beds, oxygen cylinders and specialist doctors- things you cannot find in a pharmacy or clinic. So while one may think that access to a hospital isn't always necessary, it offers critical care that most other services can't.

Fortunately, the Sus-Pashan area has some hospitals that offer top-notch care and also function 24X7. Here they are:

  • Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjewadi
    General Hospital
    24-hour hospital
    12 km/ 20 mins away from Kohinoor Emerald
  • Prime Multispeciality Hospital Sus
    General Hospital
    Open 24 hours
    3 mins/ 1.3 km away from Kohinoor Emerald
  • Sus Hospital
    General Hospital
    Open 24 hours
    3 mins/ 1.3 km away from Kohinoor Emerald



Clinics with access to physicians can be beneficial in cases of mild fevers, upset stomachs, or minor health concerns. Sus-Pashan has various specialty clinics within the neighbourhood that provide essential medical services and access to trusted doctors. Let's discuss them below:

  • Iris Healthcare
    Health Clinic
    8 am to 9 pm
    17 mins/ 6.7km away from Kohinoor Emerald
  • Vitalife Clinic Pashan
    General Clinic
    Timings: 7:30am - 9:00pm
    17 mins/ 6.3km away from Kohinoor Emerald



Pharmacies are important for medicines, toiletries, and some daily home groceries you may need. They're incredibly convenient to have around and ensure that your daily needs like multivitamins, bath toiletries, medicinal tablets, and first aid material are always stocked.

For your quick convenience, we have put together a list of the pharmacies in Pashan-Sus, along with their time and distance from Kohinoor Emerald.

  • Dhanchaya Medical
    Medical and general stores
    Timings: 9am - 10:30pm
    2 mins/ 1 km away from Kohinoor Emerald
  • Hindustan Drug House Pashan
    Medical and general stores
    Timings: 8:30am - 10:30pm
    15 mins/ 5.4 km away from Kohinoor Emerald
  • Krishna Medicare Sus
    Medical and general store
    Timings: 8am - 11pm
    15 mins/ 5.5km away from Kohinoor Emerald
  • Sai Drug House
    Medical and general store
    Timings: 8am - 11pm
    16 mins/ 5.7 km away from Kohinoor Emerald

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What's more, there are multiple viable homes and residential options in Sus-Pashan that will make your access to these services easy. If you were considering moving to the location, Kohinoor Emerald is a project that stands apart.

Kohinoor Emerald is Kohinoor group's flagship project in Sus Gaon, Pune. The residences are modern, well connected, and have everything you need and want to have a lavish lifestyle. The one thing, as we discussed, that is essential for every neighbourhood are hospitals, medical services, and pharmacies. Kohinoor Emerald has all of these present within quick reach. The family's health is of utmost importance, and having all these services around you ensures fast access to essential medicines and getting immediate help in emergencies.



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