Life Sportified at Kohinoor!

Sport is a very important aspect of our lives. May it be an India vs. Pakistan cricket match or an Argentina vs. France football finale, your eagerness for your favourite team to win has no bounds. Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you love playing on the ground? Do you have the drive to indulge in sports activities? Sportsville in Hinjewadi Phase 1, is the perfect place to live and have a life surrounded by athletic activities.

With the diverse work culture you have developed, you have lost touch with your love for sports. Sportsville in Hinjewadi is one of the finest real estate creations that is centred around sports and promotes a player in you. The project by Kohinoor Group in Hinjewadi will sportify your life and add enthusiasm to your routine.

How does Sportsville in Hinjewadi Phase 1 Enhance Your Life?

Kohinoor Sportsville is a sports-centric residential address where you can live a sporty lifestyle. It sits on a green patch of Hinjewadi, connecting you to nature. Sportsville stands on the promise of energizing your life with 15+ lifestyle amenities, aesthetic yet functional designs, and multi-tiered security systems. When you couldn't go watch your favourite sport every evening, we brought it to you—for life.

The project is designed to make your life happen more than ever before by serving you with premium 1BHK and 2BHK flats in Hinjewadi Phase 1 surrounded by best-in-class amenities supporting sports. Lifestyle amenities improve living, but sports amenities make life more enjoyable. With over ten distinct sports, Sportsville transforms into a hub of excitement that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Your new home will be more than just luxurious; it will be the epitome of health and happiness.

Amenities at Sportsville that Inspire Happiness Everyday

Features at Kohinoor Sportsville

Sportsville in Hinjewadi is the perfect combination of having a peaceful life and cherishing a love for sports. The amenities are designed in such a way that you can fulfil your sporting spirit while your child receives all of the sports nourishment. Every amenity is focused on and designed for the well-being and enthusiasm of our new generations. Flats at Kohinoor Sportsville are also designed to best suit your lifestyle and standard of living. Uplift your standards and live a special and energetic lifestyle at Sportsville in Hinjewadi. 

Sports Amenities at Sportsville:

- Cricket Nets
- Futsal Arena
- Chess Room
- Badminton Complex
- Shooting Range
- Tennis Court

Exciting, right? Explore more about our project by Kohinoor and make the right choice to book a 1BHK or 2BHK flat in Hinjewadi

Even though the project is centred on sports, Sportsville in Hinjewadi has given equal consideration to other amenities. Every lifestyle amenity here is designed with the entire family in mind.

Kohinoor SportsVille- Sports Enthusiasts

Fitness and Wellness

- Sports-centric Landscape Podium
- Sauna and steam room in the gym
- CrossFit Arena
- Joggers’ Track
- Tree Plaza
- Herbal Garden
- Aroma Garden
- Sitting Plaza

Recreation and Entertainment

- Indoor Games: Carrom, Billiards, and Foosball
- Gaming Zone: PlayStation, Xbox, Wii
- Kids’ Zone: Climbing Wall Holds, Slackline, Ninja Line, Obstacle Course, Zipline
- Pets’ Play Zone
- Party Lawn
- Lawn Mound with Sculpture

Allow yourself the opportunity to become acquainted with ultra-modern and best-in-class amenities that will rejuvenate you and your family while also bringing out the sport factor in you. Get motivated for an exciting life in Hinjewadi. Visit Kohinoor Group’s Sportsville and make the right choice for your family. 

Kohinoor Sportsville Maan Hinjewadi

Sportsville consists of 1BHK and 2BHK flats in Hinjewadi Phase 1, where your life takes a new turn and you sportify your routine!

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