Want to Setup a New Corporate Office in Pune

Want to Set Up a New Corporate Office in Pune? - Learn How Global Brands Choose Their Location Wisely!

Lately, office locations have gained strategic significance. Gone are those days when companies were only concerned about having a physical office. Back then, it did not matter whether the office was in the downtown or the city's financial district, or somewhere in its suburbs or outskirts. However, today, the situation has changed. Corporate offices, too, are required to have strategic locations to ensure commuting convenience and keep up with the company's reputation.

Accordingly, global brands have started investing time and resources in finding the best office location. And, especially, when it comes to a competitive and large city like Pune, the going gets even tougher. So, what is it that global brands do while searching for the best corporate office locations in Pune or Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC)? What are the various factors they consider while finalizing an apt corporate office space in Pune and PCMC? Let us find out the answer.

How Global Brands Choose an Office Location? – 5 Factors Global Companies Consider While Choosing a Location

1. Proximity to Airport and Highways Connecting to Major Cities

Airpot and Highway Connectivity 

One of the most common expectations of a global brand is setting up an office proximal to the nearest airport. Accordingly, companies look forward to locations that are probably at an hour's distance from the airport or less than that. Another crucial factor that global brands consider before finalizing their corporate office space is its distance from highways connecting significant airports and cities. For instance, if a global brand wants to buy an office space in Pune or PCMC, it would assess how far and accessible the highways connecting to Mumbai are.

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2. Presence of Uptown Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and Restaurants 

Global brands have a certain reputation to keep up with. Accordingly, and to ensure their delegates and clients are provided with the best comfort, they consider the presence of uptown restaurants and star hotels and how far they are from the office location. When it comes to keeping up with a brand reputation, thinking at such a microscopic level shouldn't come as a surprise. The presence of such infrastructure is crucial from the strategic and reputation standpoint.

3. Accessibility and Transport Infrastructure

That's another significant factor that international brands consider. No matter how large and lavish, an office location is practically useless if it isn't easily accessible by any of the transport means. For instance, an office location requiring decision-makers to travel from one corner to the city to the other can prove inconvenient and disappointing. Ideally, the location must be quickly and easily accessible from the highway, and the roads around it should be well-maintained and broad enough to enable the quick transition.

4. Office Layout and Amenities

Office Layout and Ammenities 

Usually, brands look forward to buying convertible office spaces that can be modified to match their brand image. Besides, they also assess the office layout thoroughly and think about every relevant factor such as employee and guest movements, size of the space to avoid clutter and congestion, facilitation of natural light, view from the office, etc.

Additionally, amenities such as ample parking space, a grand entrance, an elegant lobby space, basic infrastructure such as fire-fighting systems, security, elevators, the overall décor, and ambiance, etc., also matter to them.

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5. Availability of Qualified Human Resources

That's an essential factor that makes or breaks the decision to buy a corporate location. The availability of human resources qualified for the jobs that the company looks forward to providing is crucial from the viewpoint of sustenance in the long run. As a result, ideally, companies choose locations with qualified people (across all the levels in the hierarchy and for all business verticals) within the 10 to 15-kilometer radius.

Another reason that drives the consideration of this factor is employing as many local resources as possible, generating local employment, and minimizing operational costs.

Kohinoor World Towers – The Perfect Corporate Office Location in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad

Kohinoor World Towers 

Popularly known as KWT, Kohinoor World Towers, one of the city's premier business locations, is already creating a buzz across the business world around Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. As one of the most coveted corporate office locations in Pune and PCMC, KWT offers office spaces that resonate with the expectations and vision of global enterprises. KWT offers multi-sized office spaces ranging from 2,000 square feet to as much as 25,000 and 65,000 square feet.

KWT offers ample parking space, basic and ultra-modern business park amenities, and a proud address. It is located strategically on the arterial road (between Pimpri and Chinchwad) that connects PCMC with Pune.

It is at an hour's distance from the Lohegaon Airport, at a few minutes distance from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, and is accessible from various parts of Pune and PCMC by private transport, upcoming metro, and other public transport means. Besides, it has many restaurants and hotels in the vicinity to help corporates provide the best possible levels of comfort to their guests, clients, and associates.

So, whether you are a global retail brand or a multinational IT enterprise, book your corporate office space in KWT and give your business the strategic advantage it deserves. For inquiries and bookings, call +91 20 6764 1818.



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