Features and Amenities to Look for When Buying a Home

Every home is a reflection of the owner. While this statement might be overstated, there is an element of truth to it. The trend in the last decade has moved from single buildings to full-fledged gated residential communities and townships. Nevertheless, the basics of buying a home remain roughly the same.

As a homebuyer, one must be prudent about important details like location, MahaRERA approvals, budgets, builder’s profile, etc. But something that may get overlooked in this long list is the one thing you interact with on a daily basis - the list of amenities provided by builders and the features that make everyday life hassle-free.

What to look for when buying a new house

Features & Amenities
1. 24x7 Multi-tier Security


Amenities 24*7 security system

Personal and family security is at the apex of the essential amenities list in a modern residential complex. In today’s times when people travel long distances and even across cities/countries, a multi-tier security system is of utmost importance. The security system should include things like good quality door locks, video door phones, intercom facility, CCTV cameras, high perimeter walls with fencing, and professional security personnel.

2. Clubhouse with Indoor Games


amenities indoor games clubhouse

Bonding with neighbours is a crucial aspect of a happy community living experience. One of the best places to do this is at a common congregation area. A clubhouse with indoor games is the perfect ice-breaker to meet new people, make friends, and create a harmonious living atmosphere in your residential complex.


3. Swimming Pool and Gym


Amenities Swimming pool

Exercise is very important in today’s fast-paced career-oriented times. The biggest problem is we lack the motivation to step out and exercise. If your residential complex has a well-equipped gym and/or swimming pool, it serves as the perfect tool to keep you active and healthy. In fact, it’s also a good opportunity to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts and grow fitter together.


4. Children’s Play Area


amenities children play area

Children are a huge source of joy for parents. But the worry of your child getting injured while playing is a big one. Choose a home that comes with a dedicated children’s play area. It should be free of vehicular movement and have good quality play equipment including sand/soft flooring.

5. Rainwater Harvesting and Solar Water Heating System


Amenities Solar Water Heating System

While choosing urban comfort is a basic necessity, one must not forget to do their bit for the
environment. Simple aspects like a rainwater harvesting system and a solar water heating
apparatus can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. Keep in mind that the greener we keep our homes today, the more our children benefit in the future.

6. Multipurpose Hall and Amphitheatre


Amphitheatre amenities

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a gated community is doing activities and celebrating happy moments together. A multipurpose hall can be the perfect venue for a dance workshop or a yoga class; while an amphitheatre is ideal to screen cricket matches and celebrate festivals together.

7. Landscaped Garden


amenities gardens


Landscaped gardens are not just pretty to look at. They serve multiple functions – being an active green lung for the housing complex to a relaxation zone for a post-dinner walk – but just being present inside a gated community. Many landscaped gardens also have designated sit-out areas for senior citizens and mud tracks built around them for those early morning runs.

8. Branded Fittings, Fixtures and Specifications


secure electric system


The importance of branded fittings, fixtures and specifications cannot be stressed on enough. From the wiring used in the entire electric system to sanitary-ware to even the tiling, it is critical that the often overlooked details are of high quality. Non-branded fittings, fixtures and specifications may be cheaper but in the long run, they may have to be replaced faster, or in the case of faulty wiring or elevator, even become a genuine safety hazard.

9. Power Backup for Common Areas


Electric power backup


Urban India doesn’t experience a fraction of the lack of electricity problems in rural India. But imagine staying on the 10th floor with no power backup for the elevators! A home today must come with power backup for elevators, lights in the common corridors and parking areas. Besides the inconvenience caused, a lack of backup could actually be a safety issue as well.

10. Firefighting System


Firefighting System


With high-rises becoming the norm in Indian cities, new challenges have come into play. One such is the possibility of fire - something as small as a short circuit can bring down an entire building. With a state-of-the-art firefighting system in place, you can be assured of minimal damage to property and loss of life.


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