The Ease of Purchasing Your Home at Sapphire

Purchasing your home at Kohinoor Sapphire in Tathawade is a hassle-free and easy process because the team at Kohinoor will be at your assistance at every touchpoint. Here is the complete buying journey for you when you purchase your home in Kohinoor Sapphire, Tathawade.  






We have simplified the process for you when you are researching Sapphire online. You can find all the details and initial information on the Sapphire webpage: 

Specifications like the amenities, prices, and more are all available on the page with just one click. This webpage will make your initial research uncomplicated.

On this page, you can also fill in your details (i.e. name, phone number and email) so that if you have any additional queries, our team will promptly get in touch with you. 



Call Our Sales Executive


Once you fill in your details on the Sapphire webpage, the Kohinoor team will get in touch with you. This call may be to clarify any doubts about Sapphire you may have, queries about the project, and more. 

The pre-sales team can also book your appointment for a site visit if you are interested in viewing the project in person. 



Site Visit


Once you book your slot and visit the site, a free pickup-cab service is arranged by Kohinoor to bring your from your location to our site. The sales team will be the ones showing you around the project in person. They are a single touchpoint for all your project-related queries. 

They will also show you a sample flat so that you can get a better idea of what your Sapphire home in the future could look like. 

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Financial Help

Once the project and the sample flats are shown, the team will brief you about the costs for your Sapphire home. The cost breakdown will be given in detail, addressing every aspect of the costing so that you know your money is going only where it needs to. 

In case you are in the market for financial aid or a home loan, we also have a team of home finance experts to make your application and paperwork hassle-free. They shall be available on call on the weekdays and present on-site during the weekends. 

These home finance experts will further elaborate on the financial aid and payment schedule once you purchase your Sapphire home. 





And that’s it! After your deliberation with the pre-sales and banking team, you are ready to confirm your new home at Kohinoor Sapphire.

We understand that purchasing a home comes with its own set of mandated paperwork and legality. For your convenience, the legal intricacies and details shall be taken care of by the Kohinoor team. They will also take full responsibility of explaining the fine print to you if needed.  

Our team will require a list of personal identification documents and then the keys to your new home will be handed over to you once all the payments are cleared. 



Customer Delight


Congratulations! Your new home in Tathawade is now booked.

Our commitment does not end once you book a flat with us. The customer care team makes sure to assist you before and even after you move into your new home. 

We, at Kohinoor Group, make sure that every part of your purchase experience is simple and delightful. 

See you soon! The Kohinoor Sapphire experience awaits you. Sada Sukhi Raho.


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