Difference Between Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built Up Area

  • Area That Can Be Covered by Carpet (House's Net Usable Floor Area) = Carpet Area
  • Carpet Area + Wall Area = Built Up Area
  • Built-Up Area + Common Areas = Super Built-up Area

Yes, Real estate is one of India's most popular investment options. And, as an investor, you must be aware of all of the property attributes. If you intend to invest in real estate, you should be familiar with all of the terms used in the industry.

Built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area are three of the most popular phrases used in real estate, and understanding the differences is crucial. And if you're looking to buy a home, you'll need to know the difference between a built-up area, a carpet area, and a super built-up area.

In this blog, you find the definitions and a table explaining - which space falls in which category. Let’s dig in.

What Does Carpet Area Mean?

what is carpet areAccording to the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), the carpet area refers to a house's net usable floor area, excluding areas covered by outer dividers, areas under administration shafts, select overhang or verandah areas, and restricted open patio areas, but including the area covered by the inner parcel dividers of the loft.

What Does Built-up Area Mean?

Built-up area

The outside boundary divider surfaces are used to measure the developed region. It is the area's floor covering, as well as the divider thickness and other useless areas within the loft, such as the dry overhang, porch, flower beds, and so on. It is usually greater than the carpet area.

What Does Super Built-up Area Mean?

What is Super Built-up AreaThe saleable region of a region is the Super Built-Up area, which includes the region's floor covering, as well as the patio, galleries, regions divided by separators, and regions with normal/shared development (for example lift, steps, and so forth) Developers occasionally, include amenities such as a pool and a nursery. Developers use the stacking factor on the rug area to make the area appear more developed.

The rug region, a developed region, as well as a component of the normal region—such as steps and anterooms—that can be used by the entire building, is referred to as the Super Built-up region by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

The table below shows the differences between carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area, as well as how these areas compare in terms of estimations. The floor covering a region is the specific usable region of the unit you will purchase, whereas the extremely developed region encompasses all of the property's normal and developed regions.

Space Type Carpet Area Built-Up Area Super Built-Up Area
Praying Room Yes Yes Yes
Bathroom Yes Yes Yes
Bedroom Yes Yes Yes
Living Room Yes Yes Yes
Kitchen Yes Yes Yes
Dinner Room Yes Yes Yes
Utility Area No Yes Yes
Verandah No Yes Yes
Balconies No Yes Yes
Lift Space No No Yes
Garden No No Yes
Clubhouse No No Yes
Swimming Pool No No Yes


It's critical to comprehend the distinctions since they have a direct impact on the amount you pay for a property, as well as whether the calculation is warranted. Try to have all these answers with you while purchasing a property:

  • What's the difference between the carpeted area and the highly built-up space?
  • According to RERA, what is the carpet area?
  • What exactly is contained in the carpeting section?
  • How is the carpeted area taken into account?
  • Is the carpet area inclusive of the balcony?

When comparing houses, keep in mind that the larger the carpet area to super built-up area ratio, the more usable space you'll have inside.

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