Confused Between 2 BHK and 3 BHK? Let Us Help You Pick!

While buying a dream house many people have to go through this question “2 BHK or 3 BHK” which one to buy? This is a very tricky question for sure but no worries, we have the solution. This blog will help you make a judgment on the capital energy about Real Estate Investment, with a contrasting measure choice between a 2 BHK flat in Pune and a 3 BHK flat in Pune.

Choosing the correct one is very important for your future as well as your family. There are a lot of factors and parameters which will affect your decision on the buying process of your dream house. Let’s discuss the details.

Following are the parameters on the basis of which you can decide the right one for you:

1. Budget of your “Dream House”:


Budget is the most important factor which helps you decide the right choice of house. Research says that 3 BHK flat is comparatively more affordable than the 2 BHK flat in terms of the ratio of the rooms and the amount. If bought from Kohinoor group, you can get 3 BHK at a competitive price range than the 2 BHK flat in Pune.

The most important factor in recent times is the “covid pandemic”. If you are not really affected by the covid pandemic then do not compromise on yours as well as your family’s happiness by buying a 2 BHK flat. And if your budget is comparatively low due to pandemic issues then you should choose the 2 BHK flat.

2. Size of the family:

One of the basic parameters while choosing the right size of your flat is the size of your family. As a 2 BHK flat might not be a perfect choice for a family of more than five people.

Nowadays people are even going for a 3 BHK flat if there are three members in the family if they have a proper budget for the 3 BHK flat. Even if your family is of two members but guests’ visits are more often and recurring then you will need an extra room. In this case, choose the right one, i.e., 3 BHK home.

3. Inflation:


If the inflation rate is high, the construction rate, interest rates, etc. also become high. Inflation has a direct impact on the real estate agency and their properties. As we know that there can be even more increase in the property rates and prices. Thus, it is very important to make the decision in a shorter span of time. If the inflation rate is quite normal then you should go for 3 BHK and if the inflation rate is high then you should choose 2 BHK flat.

4. Loan Amount:

Loan or mortgage amount also affects the choice of the size of your house. If the permitted loan amount is more with the affordable interest rate, then you should always choose the 3 BHK flat and if the loan amount is less and interest is comparatively more than 3 BHK will not be considered as the right option. It won’t be affordable for you and will be out of the budget. In this case, a 2 BHK flat is the best & affordable option.

5. Property:

Before finalizing anything be sure about the property you want to make your dream house at. If your desire is to buy a 3 BHK flat and your budget permits you to do so then you should always buy the one! But if not then you can even get good property ranges in the 2 BHK flats. Kohinoor group provides a great life experience regardless of the specification you go for.

6. The Resale Value:

Usually, the resale value of your 3 BHK apartment is a lot higher than the value of your 2 BHK homes. If you are a regular property buyer and want to get more reselling profit then always choose the 3 BHK flat as 2 BHK houses will give you a very less resale amount. If your vision is to resell the property in the near future then 3 BHK can be a good as well as a profitable reselling opportunity for you.

7. Maintenance of The House:

House Maintenance (1)

It is one of the major factors while choosing the right size of your dream home. If you want to buy a flat which is easy on the maintenance part then the 2 BHK flat is the best option for you. Because 3 BHK is comparatively higher on the maintenance part. So, if you are okay with the maintenance part then don’t compromise yourself by buying the 2 BHK flat. And if you even have the affordance of outsourcing the maintenance part, then also you can go for the 3 BHK home.

8. Buyer’s Nature & Satisfaction:


If you are a minimalist buyer then you don’t have to increase your budget to be in the hustle to buy the 3 BHK flat. If a 2 BHK flat can provide you with the satisfaction you want then do not need to drag yourself and most importantly your budget for the 3 BHK one. If you are not at all a minimalist then do not go for the 2 BHK one as it will not provide you the satisfaction you actually want.

Now you can choose between the two options while buying a home in Pune. You can get 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Pimpri Chinchwad at reasonable costs at Kohinoor, Pune.

At Kohinoor Group you can get 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Pune at reasonable costs. So, pick up the right one and book your dream home Now! Take a look at these amazing and affordable properties by Kohinoor developers offering 2 BHK flats in Tathawade Pune



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