Celebrating Excellence - Kohinoor's Best Employer Brand Award

In Pune’s real estate industry, one name that stands out is believed to be synonymous with excellence and commitment is Kohinoor Group Pune. Widely admired for its dedication to uncompromised quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Kohinoor Group Pune has not only transformed Pune’s skyline but has also set new benchmarks in the industry and has emerged to be one of the best property developers in Pune.  Recently, Kohinoor Group grabbed the spotlight again as it was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Best Employer Brand Award’. 

This accolade not only recognizes the organisation's commitment to its employees but also echoes the core philosophy that defines Kohinoor's ethos - "Sada Sukhi Raho”. In this blog, we will take a look at what makes Kohinoor Group Pune worthy of this prestigious award. Read on. 

The Significance of Best Employer Brand Award Bagged by Kohinoor Group Pune

The Best Employer Brand Award is not just about HR practices or company policies towards employees. It is a recognition for the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of business operations. This award honours organisations that nurture a positive workplace culture, prioritise employee well-being, and exhibit outstanding HR practices. Since Kohinoor Group Pune has bagged this award, it reiterates the commitment of Kohinoor Group towards creating a conducive and pleasant environment for its employees, an environment where the employees of Kohinoor Group Pune not just grow, but also find satisfaction and mental peace. 

A few reasons why Kohinoor Group Pune has bagged the Best Employer Brand Award 

Kohinoor Group Pune, one of the best property developers in Pune believes in nurturing and promoting growth: The real estate industry is challenging and requires employees to prove themselves quite often. Kohinoor Group Pune understands and acknowledges its employees’ commitment and the way they navigate the complexities of the industry. The Best Employer Brand Award is a testament to Kohinoor Group Pune's efforts in nurturing talent and ensuring the well-being of its employees. Kohinoor Group Pune has always believed in the magic of continuous learning, and arranges several development programs for its employees so that they excel in their respective roles. 

Kohinoor Group Pune believes in the Mantra - Sada Sukhi Raho: Sada Sukhi Raho is not just a phrase for Kohinoor Group Pune, it is the way of working for one of the best property developers in Pune. And it extends beyond its customers to its growth partners, vendors and employees. It is a guiding principle that motivates Kohinoor Group Pune to ensure that its employees enjoy the perfect work-life balance. 

Kohinoor Group Pune strives to ensure a positive work culture: A positive work culture becomes a must in today’s competitive, fast-paced world, and Kohinoor Group Pune understands this. This is the reason why Kohinoor Group Pune invests efforts in creating a workplace where collaboration is encouraged, diversity is celebrated, and innovation is embraced. Employees at Kohinoor Group Pune value camaraderie, respect, mutual growth and shared success.

Ethical Standards and Integrity – Integral to Kohinoor Group Pune

Kohinoor Group Pune is renowned for its commitment to ethical standards and integrity, one of the most significant reasons why it has earned the trust and loyalty of its employees. The employees of Kohinoor Group Pune are loyal to the brand because of the atmosphere of trust, transparency, and fairness. Kohinoor Group Pune has indeed set a benchmark for ethical practices within the real estate industry.

Committed to social responsibility: Kohinoor Group Pune has made a positive impact on its employees through its several social initiatives that have projected the brand as a socially responsible company. Something, any employee would truly appreciate and feel proud to be a part of. 

“The Best Employer Brand Award reiterates our commitment to creating an environment where individuals not only grow professionally but also lead fulfilling lives.”

- Mr. Vineet Goyal
Joint Managing Director, Kohinoor Group Pune. 

Kohinoor Group

A bright future: Kohinoor Group has joined hands with technology and is upgrading itself to match pace with the world. The technological advancements will result in soaring growth for Kohinoor Group Pune and its employees as well.

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