Area Overview For Home Buyers BT Kawade Road

A residential property is often weighed on more aspects than just its planning and quality of construction. The surrounding locality of the place is one of the major aspects taken into consideration. It is not every day that an individual invests in residential property. It is definitely one of the long-term decisions taken and implemented by an individual. Such Investments often calls for a lion's share of a person's saving.

This is exactly why a lot of thought should go into the location which is being selected for the residential property. It must cover all the facilities and amenities required for a safe, comfortable and convenient lifestyle. The BT Kawade road area seems to be one such location in Pune.

How is BT Kawade Road Area?

 BT Kawade Road 

The Bhagwan Tatyasaheb Kawade Road better known as BT Kawade road is located in the central part of Pune. The area is close to Magarpatta and is one of the most potential destinations for residential real estate project.

In fact you can find several BT Kawade Road projects that have been commenced by some of the best real estate developers and builders of the nation.

Innumerable lavish and large scale residential real estate projects has been carried out and established in the reason. It will be an understatement to point out that there is a humongous demand for more such projects in the area. This clearly explains the suitability of the area for developing residential real estate projects.

Why is It Good For Real Estate Investors?

Real Estate Investment-1 

A quick look at the locality will reveal that it has fast become one of the favorites of the real estate developing brands of the state. Several large scale residential real estate projects have come up across the area in various spots. Some of the most celebrated builders of the state have invested in turnkey projects in BT Kawade Road. Naturally one thing that stands quantified is that the place is a hot favorite for both the builders as well as the buyers.

Flats in BT Kawade Road is considered to be really lucrative property options which offer a large string of benefits. These benefits are instilled in the location and the provided amenities over there. As mentioned in the opening of the discussion, BT Kawade Road is centrally located within the city of Pune. It provides several facilities that call for self sufficient urbane settlements. These facilities can be a huge support for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle of the people living in these residential real estates.

Naturally a large number of people are getting increasingly interested in the area of BT Kawade Road and the flats for sale in BT Kawade Road Pune.

BT Kawade Area Connectivity

B.T Kawade Road Area Connectivity 

Being the heartland of the city BT Kawade Road is very well connected to the other parts of the city through an intricate system of roads and connected highways. This is one of the main reasons that have encouraged a generous sale of the real estate projects in the area.

People living in residential complexes in the area have a wonder access to the other major parts of the city. The area is very well connected to the other hubs of Pune and even the outskirts. This enables a free movement and transportation for the people living in the area using either private or public means of transport.

Further the BT Kawade Road Ghorpadi enjoys a swift connectivity with the Pune railway station through the Ghorpadi Road. The Pune railway station is merely at a distance of 6Km from the area of BT Kawade Road. Once again the Pune International Airport is merely 7km away from the area and is easily accessible through the New Airport Road.

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Area Scan - Hospitals, Schools etc

Facilities at BT Kawade Road 

To enjoy a convenient and comfortable urban life, people or dwellers needs various kinds of added facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, market places, restaurants, multiplexes, banks, ATMs, working places etc within nearby vicinity. These are some of the aspects that help to increase the demand for a certain residential project.

The property owners and the dwellers in BT Kawade Road residential properties enjoy a plethora of such amenities. Let us take a look at them. This will help us to understand the demand of the place and its properties better.

  • Education Institutes – The area has a large number of good schools for children like the Calara Global School, EuroKids Pre-School, Vibgyor high School, Mentor International School and Army Public School. This means that with the wide number of schools in BT Kawade Road Pune, parents can plan the education of their children to senior standards.
  • Healthcare Organizations – People living in the area can also avail the services of various good quality medical institutions like the Birajdar hospitals, Jehangir hospital, Villoo Poonawalla memorial Hospital, Chaitanya general Hospital and Lotus hospital. All these Best Hospitals in BT Kawade Road lies within a range of 8Km. You can also get top rated yoga classes in BT Kawade Road Pune.
  • Shopping Facilities – There are several shopping zones like Reliance mart, Big bazaar and Krome Mall. Apart from them there are also local market places that offer all the items required on a daily basis.
  • Entertainment Facilities – The area has several entertainment options like quality multiplexes, eating joints, and cafes and so on. Some of the top restaurants in BT Kawade Road are frequented by people from all over the city.

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Introducing Presidentia

Kohinoor Presidentia 

With all the major attractions and benefits of the area BT Kawade Road discussed so far, now it is time for you are presented with one of the most attractive residential real estate properties of the area – Presidentia. This is a new age modern residential complex facilitated with all the needed amenities of a super lavish urban lifestyle. Coupled with the embedded features of the complex the general facilities of the BT Kawade Road make the project all the more lucrative and attractive for the buyers.



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