Why High-End Retailers Choose High Street in Pune

Shopping Trends in Pune: High-End Retailers Choose High Street in Pune over Shopping Mall Outlets

High Street 

Lately, the concept of High Street has gained enormous popularity in India. Almost every metropolitan across the country has a high street in a prime vicinity. The reasons for the popularity of high streets are pretty obvious. High Streets are developed on the primary business streets or prime business locations in the city. Therefore, they enhance business visibility and are famous, especially among restaurateurs and high-end retailers that prefer them over shopping malls. Let us explore a few more reasons high-end retailers prefer malls over shopping mall outlets.

4 Benefits of Opening Your Outlet on the High Street – The Retailer’s Choice

From prominence to customer satisfaction through shopping convenience, high-end retailers with a high street property enjoy many benefits over their shopping mall counterparts. Let us look at four surefire ones.

1. Outlet Prominence

A retail outlet is more prominently visible on the high street than that in a shopping mall. In the case of the latter, at the most, only the brand’s name or logo will be displayed on its façade. Besides, since seeing is believing, people are more likely to believe in and drawn towards an outlet that they can see.

2. Shopping Convenience

Shopping Convenience 

Shopping in a mall is undoubtedly fun. You’ve got so many options to choose from while roaming in a mall. But factors such as entering a mall, parking your vehicle, searching for brands, etc., can be perceived as inconvenient, especially during rush hours, wherein finding a parking spot may prove challenging, and it may take hours to shop.

As against the above, shopping in a retail outlet on the high street does not require people to go through these hassles. They find shopping in a retail outlet more convenient than that in a shopping mall. If convenience is considered a significant aspect of a customer’s retail journey, a high street precisely serves the purpose!

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3. Better Footfall

A high street is more accessible than a shopping mall. Besides, its public transport links and proximity to residential areas and commercial hubs can help increase footfall that can remain steady throughout the week. Therefore, as against a shopping center that sees significant customer traffic only during the weekends, a high street receives traffic on all days of the week, thus increasing the number of business prospects.

4. Complementing Activities

KWT High Street Restaurant and Shop 

High streets are strategic business centers from the viewpoint of both retailers as well as consumers. From the latter’s standpoint, shopping on a high street saves time and offers several dining options. So, they can shop and dine in the same place. Retailers consider these factors and prefer operating on high streets under the sky instead of shopping malls.

KWT High Street in Pimpri Chinchwad – New Business Avenue in the Making!

Kohinoor World Towers, popularly known as KWT, is an upcoming commercial property in Pune and PCMC. The commercial center is located between Pimpri and Chinchwad. KWT is conveniently located on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway and allows easy access to people traveling from nearby vicinities such as Chinchwad, Nigdi, Pradhikaran, Wakad, Moshi, Ravet, and many others.

The project, spread across nine acres, has five towers and will have a KWT High Street developed to help brands optimize business potential and make shopping more convenient. To know more, call +91 20 6764 1818.



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