4 Ways How Clubhouse Amenities at Sapphire 2 Can Lift Your Mood

A clubhouse in a residential complex has numerous advantages. A clubhouse brings everything together under one roof, from a fitness centre to a recreation centre. Nowadays, most builders place a premium on constructing a clubhouse within the residential complex, which raises the convenience quotient of consumers while also assisting the builder in increasing the property's worth. But At Kohinoor Sapphire 2, you can get one of the best clubhouse amenities in the most value for money manner. Wish to know more?

Here are all the benefits, Sapphire 2 has on offer for you.

Kohinoor Sapphire 2 Amenities

The environment you live in and the atmosphere you breathe significantly impact your daily existence. Therefore, a home buyer's choice of residential real estate is heavily influenced by amenities. Moreover, the level of relaxation that each facility may provide enhances your experiences. We at Kohinoor know how important it is to find a moment of calm in the middle of your hectic schedules and how amenities may help you fulfil your desire for family time and serenity.

As a result, we've taken great care and applied our comprehensive knowledge of building amenities to create a welcoming environment that will lift your spirits as soon as you enter. All facilities at Kohinoor Sapphire 2, Tathawade are made of high-quality materials, resulting in a branded place that includes not only your home but also the project premises. Get your house in Sapphire 2 today for the ideal combination of open and close amenities.

Let's look at the themes of amenities you would avail of after buying a property in Tathawade in this prestigious residential project.

Fitness Centre


A jogging track and a well-equipped gym support your workout regimen within the lovely project's compound. So, if you and your family are fitness-conscious, this residential building is ideal for you.

Enrichment Area

After a long day at work, you deserve the best venue to spend quality time with your loved ones. A carrom table and an indoor games room are available at the project. So you can spend your evenings playing your best games or singing your favourite songs to lift your spirits.

Multipurpose Hall

Multipurpose Hall 

The project includes a well-designed and well-maintained clubhouse and a party lawn to help you realise your social gathering objectives.

Kids’ Play Area

Are you a thrill seeker who prefers to spend your vacations participating in adventurous activities with your kids? The project's kids play area will allow you to make the most of your time.

Yoga Room


The project includes a yoga-aerobics room and some elegant cabanas to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. As a result, you won't have to look for a spot to unwind when you go out, and you can meditate amid nature's beauty to gain the strength to conquer the horizons.

Splash Area

The swimming pool allows you to immerse yourself in the cool water whenever you like. Owning a house in Tathawade in this magnificent complex grants you access to a plethora of amenities that will elevate your living to new heights.

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Pulse Arena

Kids Playground 

It's wonderful to be able to accomplish what you enjoy. The project has a separate children's play area, as well as couches, parks, and poolside decks where you can sit back and enjoy with your family.

But if you may ask - is there a need for all this? The answer is absolutely Yes! Here are four ways how clubhouse amenities at Sapphire 2 can lift up your mood.

1. Leisure Amenities

Even if you work from home, taking time to rest your mind and body after a long day's work is essential. It allows you to let go of your stress and forget about your troubles. You might use this time to pamper yourself or spend time with your family doing something fun. The majority of the new clubhouses come with a variety of recreational amenities, such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, games room, terrace gardens and so on. Imagine relaxing in a pool after a long day at work. It will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining a balance between job and personal life. You can spend your leisure time in these shared areas as a resident without leaving the housing compound. These facilities will encourage you to take work breaks and give you a much-needed dose of relaxation.

2. Fitness


Sitting in front of the computer all day and not getting enough exercise might have a negative impact on your health and well-being. When you have a hectic work schedule, it can be difficult to fit in an exercise routine. Here's another significant benefit of having an in-house clubhouse. You may simply incorporate exercise into your regular routine thanks to services such as fitness centres, yoga studios, and walking trails. You may take advantage of these workout facilities right where you live without having to leave your home. Your attitude and job productivity will improve if you have a happy mind and a healthy body.

3. Community Living

People who live in a small, close-knit community are always happier than those who live in isolation. Being a part of a community at Sapphire 2 allows you to form strong friendships and participate in a variety of social events. Residents can even benefit from hobby workshops and group events held by some clubhouses. You can participate in all of these events and live a balanced lifestyle in the company of like-minded people. You also meet kind-hearted neighbours who are willing to assist you in an emergency.

4. Kids Wellbeing

Kids Wellbeing (1) 

Clubhouses are frequently used as a recreation centre for both children and adults. Modern clubhouses provide safe children's play areas where your children can interact with other members of the community. This way, your children do not get too far away from you while still getting plenty of exercise. At the same time, there are adult-oriented indoor games available.


Kohinoor Sapphire 2 Tathawade 

The clubhouse at the Sapphire 2 residential complex provides specialised spaces for events, parties, and other gatherings. This type of facility is truly a significant benefit for homebuyers because it eliminates the need to spend extra money on reserving a banquet outdoors to conduct the celebration, as well as the huge convenience of being close to home.

Among the best new projects in Tathawade, Kohinoor Sapphire 2 is a jewel in the crown. It offers spacious 2 BHK flats for sale in Tathawade Rs 55.5 lac* Onwards.



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