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A project layout is highly significant in dictating a project’s form and function. A thoroughly planned project layout is instrumental in elevating the functionality of a project. Elements of grace and smooth operations are only possible because of a well-structured project layout which enhances the stature of a project in a wholesome manner. There are several upcoming new projects in Bibwewadi Pune but what sets Kohinoor Jeeva apart from the rest is its well-thought project layout. Such an attribute adds more value to the project in turn making it the best residential projects in Bibwewadi. Such a project layout elevates the everyday living experience like no other. A well-thought project layout improves the efficiency of a project in turn making it a project of real worth and value. At Kohinoor, each of our projects is a consequence of a robust, fool-proof project layout that acts as a foundation base for great architecture to outshine and flourish. New projects in Bibwewadi Pune are standing tall with ample of offerings but Kohinoor Jeeva outstands the list owing to its unique project layout. The project layout has been thoroughly crafted undertaking the size of homes in the premise. If owning a 2 BHK flat in Bibwewadi Pune is your aspiration, Kohinoor Jeeva is your dream living destination.

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