Refer your friends / family and let them become a part of the PUMBAI life.

It is such a joy to have your family or your close friends as neighbours. Coming home to people who you have shared so much of your life with is a beautiful experience. But what’s more amazing is that helping them choose the 'Pumbai' life can get you an extra reward! As soon as your referred friend/family member signs the final agreement, you get a gift voucher worth  ₹50,000 per booking! 

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Want to know how? Just follow the steps below:

  • Fill the referral form and refer your friends / family.
  • Our sales team will get in touch with you & your referred friends / family.
  • Once your friend books their home at 'Pumbai' and signs the final agreement - you receive the ₹50000/- gift voucher!

Yes. It is that easy!

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