Why is Pune Still the Best Choice for Commercial Real Estate?

Launching a business in Pune refers to setting your foot on the soil of one of the fastest-growing cities in India. From the traditional manufacturing industry to technology, Pune brews business opportunities across almost every sector.

But as someone looking for a commercial property in Pune and eyeing opportunities in the city, you already know it, don’t you? So, let’s look beyond the obvious and find out why investing in commercial properties in Pune, like offices, showrooms, retail stores, etc., is a prudent decision in the long run.

5 Reasons Investing in Commercial Spaces in Pune a Wise Decision

Commercial Real Estate Investors

From investors to businesspersons, buying a commercial space in Pune benefits everyone. Here’s why choosing Pune can help your investment in the long run.

  1. Steady Rental Appreciation

    Running a business certainly has its unique benefits. But often, buying a commercial space isn’t financially viable for everyone. Hence, many prefer renting a space that helps them retain their business’s running capital.

    Property owners can leverage the situation and the steady annual rental appreciation rate of around five to seven percent to their benefit. This steady rental growth is an opportunity for investors to grow their wealth sustainably.

    Of course, the rent appreciation across every vicinity varies. For instance, areas heavy on commercial infrastructure and the presence of various businesses like Pimpri, Chinchwad, Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Baner, Wakad, etc., would enjoy a higher rent appreciation. But on average, an annual appreciation of five to seven percent is good enough to promote commercial real estate investments.

  2. Number of Startups and Brands

    Per reports, over 3,000 startups got registered last year in Pune. The number is likely to grow by the year, considering the healthy business environment Pune offers. Besides, the city is home to the offices of many established brands.

    Often, startups require a smaller office space, preferably a common one, to share rent and reduce overheads. This forms a very obvious opportunity for real estate investors, who can create shared workspaces to allow various startups to operate through a single office. While it is commercially beneficial for startups, it refers to receiving rent from multiple sources for the owner.

    Now, is this benefit unique to Pune? No. It isn’t. But despite being a metro city, operating in Pune is less expensive than its nearest metropolitan counterpart, Mumbai. Although operating in Mumbai has its exclusive advantages, Pune offers an almost perfect business environment for startups looking to save costs.

  3. Future Infrastructural Development

    Development in Pune has only begun. The city has yet to achieve many milestones, evident from the rapid infrastructural progress it has been making lately. The construction of metro tracks, IT centers, road widening projects, etc., catalyze real estate appreciation in the long run.

    Projects, properties, and businesses near these development patches will likely enjoy a substantial future value appreciation.

  4. Extensive Talent Pool

    Pune is no more the city of conventional graduates. Lately, especially for a couple of decades, the city has transformed into an extensive talent pool with professionals of diverse skill sets. From mechanical to IT engineers and from banking experts to business consultants, you’d find resources from almost every stream – and that too at a much lower cost than Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

    Businesses try to capitalize on this benefit and invest in Pune. They buy a commercial space in Pune or rent it, which could prove contextually beneficial.

  5. Less Expensive than Mumbai!

    We spoke about this in the preceding paragraphs. Mumbai has always been India’s business engine, or the financial capital, as everyone calls it. But space crunch has been a concern in Mumbai since time immemorial. Consequently, Mumbai’s commercial real estate has always been super expensive.

    Thus, many established brands also find buying or renting an office in Mumbai challenging. Accordingly, the focus shifted from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, and now, it has shifted east to Pune, about 150 kilometers from Mumbai.

    Lately, Pune has emerged as a far better and commercially viable business hub. Alongside ample land availability and lesser real estate costs, larger office spaces allow business owners to customize layouts and create personalized office spaces. So, commercial property in Pune can prove a better option on every account.

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