Why is Home Loan Beneficial for You at an Early Age?

One of the most typical financial aspirations is to own a home. People normally invest in a property when they are financially comfortable, which is usually when they are in their mid-30s and 40s. However, the situation has changed in recent years, with many millennials now purchasing their dream home in their 20s and early 30s.

So, if you are one of them, here are 5 advantages of a home loan at an early age:


Best Home Loan In 2021 

  1. Solid Build in Equity

    Purchasing a home is without a doubt one of the most significant financial expenditures you will make in your lifetime. And, with home loans, you'll be able to check off that life ambition of yours.

    When you take out a home loan when you're young, you have a better chance of qualifying for a larger loan, have fewer dependents, and have more time to boost your wages. As a young individual just starting out in their job, the odds of default are lower because there is more opportunity to go up the career ladder and develop a solid equity.

  2. Higher Tax Benefits

    Using a home loan to purchase a home can help you save money on taxes. Under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you are eligible for a deduction on the principal owed up to Rs 1.5 lakh. In addition, a deduction for interest paid on a house loan is available under Section 24 for a maximum of Rs 2 lakhs.

  3. Less Burden

    The loan will not be a burden for you if the term is long enough. If you can afford it, you might choose a shorter term and pay a larger EMI to pay off the loan as quickly as possible.

    You can, however, choose a longer-term if you want to pay the loan off in small EMIs. However, you should be aware that a longer-term would increase your interest costs and borrowing costs. But you can always pay in advance and reduce your interest.

  4. Compulsory Way of Saving

    If you're unsure whether a home loan is beneficial or bad, you should realise that it has both positive and negative aspects. It's entirely up to you how you handle it. It might be difficult to resist the urge to spend when you have cash on hand. If you are sure in your ability to earn a consistent income but are unable to save money, a home loan is the greatest approach to save.

    You might consider the money you pay toward the EMI as a savings rather than an outlay. This is because once you have paid off the loan in full, you will own the house, which will have improved in value at the end of the loan term.

  5. Better CIBIL Score

    Your CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) score will immediately grow when your home loan is in effect, and lenders will classify you as a safe and responsible borrower if you continue to return the amount diligently or if you have already repaid the loan in full.

    This will assist you in enhancing your loan eligibility. You might take advantage of this to obtain a loan with a lower interest rate.

So, should you buy a home early in your life?

The only factor that determines whether you should buy a home early in your career is your willingness to take on such a large financial burden. While there are many advantages to buying a home early, as described above, it will require a great deal of financial discipline on your part.

So, only go down this road early in your life if you believe you can afford the out-of-pocket costs (down payment, registration, etc.) without jeopardising other financial goals, and if you have a clear repayment plan in place to deal with the EMIs.

Because, while owning a home is highly essential, it isn't the only financial goal you must pursue. Purchasing one without a strategy can result in more harm than good. If you're hesitant, it's best to wait a few years until your finances have stabilised.

But all in all, the pros outweigh the cons. So, when it comes to purchasing a home at a young age, you should really consider it. You will not only save a lot of money, but you will also be debt-free early in life.

While you're young and don't have a lot of obligations on your shoulders, it's best to take a chance.

Now the question is where should you invest? 

Jeeva Bibwewadi 

What can be a better place than Kohinoor Jeeva in Bibvewadi, Pune!

Kohinoor Jeeva in Bibvewadi is a true gem for many reasons, such as:

  • There are 2 BHK Luxury Apartments on this particular property.
  • The Pune-Bengaluru motorway is only 15 minutes away from KohinoorJeeva.
  • The VIT College and the Sahyadri Hospital are also nearby.
  • The classic elevation of this project makes it stand out.

Hence, there is no better option than Kohinoor Jeeva if you want to acquire premium real estate at an affordable price.

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  • Senior Citizens' Deck
  • Clubhouse
  • Reception & Waiting Area
  • Landscaping
  • Amphi Seating
  • Kids' Play Area
  • Indoor Games: Carrom & Chess
  • Half Basketball Court
  • Party Lawn
  • Pergola
  • Rooftop Swimming Pool
  • Jeeva Kutir (The Meditation / Prayer Hall)
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Buffet Area

New residential projects in Bibwewadi are trying to define the everyday living experience, whereas Kohinoor Jeeva is redefining the way of living to embrace a new beginning. Come and explore Kohinoor Jeeva yourself.



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