What Makes Pune Unique For Living?

Pune is a unique city. It has a rich cultural heritage that is rooted in traditional Maharashtrian culture while having a cosmopolitan edge fuelled by its thriving IT industry. Life In Pune, India is touted to be one of the best ones in the country with its great people, weather, and reasonable cost of living.


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Often when outsiders ask, “Is Pune a good place to live?”, the most common answer Punekars give is that they would never want to live anywhere else. The city has an unparalleled charm and appeal that get people, who live here, hooked to the lifestyle. So, what exactly makes Pune such a unique place? 

Let us take a deep dive into the culture, metropolitan nature, people, weather, lifestyle and areas of this city and decode how Pune is to live. 


1. The Weather


Weather in pune


Punekars always are bragging about the city’s exceptional weather and for a good reason. The climate is cool with chilly winters, hot and dry summers, and monsoons with moderate rainfall. None of Pune’s weather conditions is extreme, which make the city livable all year round. 

The great weather makes for a great outdoor lifestyle where road trips, marathons, outdoor fitness, open-air events are unrestricted by the weather because it is almost always pleasant. 

When compared to cities like Mumbai, where people have to plan their life around the heavy rains or extreme heat, Pune’s weather is no hindrance. It almost never interferes in any activity, and the cool climate keeps the AC bills low too!


2. The Population


Kharadi - Pune


Pune is a city with a rich, diverse crowd that makes it a city with an optimum population. It is not overcrowded like Delhi or Mumbai. This lack of overcrowding keeps public areas spaciously empty, opens up space for large homes, and keeps traffic during peak hours low. It also ensures that Pune is a safe place to live. 

It is also not underpopulated enough to not be a metro city. There is enough population here for plenty of national and international businesses to vest their interests here. From high-end franchise stores to large malls, you can find everything you need in this city. No need to travel to other cities to get your hands on anything you may need. 

The optimum size of the city’s population gives Pune a big advantage!


3. A City For IT Professionals and Students


For IT Professionals and Students


Life in Pune for students and IT professionals is one of the best. With the presence of top educational institutes in Pune along with presence IT companies- youngsters form the heartbeat of the city. 

The schooling and college spaces ensure that students get the best education possible, and the presence of IT companies present multiple job opportunities for graduating students. Life for students and job professionals is extremely secure, which makes Pune a safe place to live and build a life.


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4. The Rich Cultural Heritage


Rich Cultural Heritage


Pune is a city that was the epicentre of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s empire. It makes the city’s history loaded with rich culture and heritage. The Maratha culture is extremely prominent in Pune, more than any other place in Maharashtra. 

This culture permeates through the blood of Punekars as they celebrate festivals like Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Shivratri with pomp all year round. The celebrations also give birth to multiple groups or “pandals” across the city that gather to dance Lavani, play lezim, or form a dhol-tasha troupe. Not to forget the bhajans and “abhangs” that happen in famous mandirs like Dagdusheth Halwai and Chaturshringi every day. 

And not just the festivals, there are physical representations of Pune’s heritage too. From Shaniwarwada to Aga Khan palace to Sinhagad Fort, the entirety of Pune is peppered with historical monuments.

When it comes to culture, traditions, and history- Pune truly has a unique edge.

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5. A Bustling Nightlife


Bustling Nightlife


A city that is rooted in new cultures as much as the old ones? Pune is the place. The city’s nightlife scene is a party-goers delight. From the dim, dusky hangout spaces where college-goers can chill on FC road, to the upmarket mixology parlours in Koregaon Park- you can find every kind of nightlife hangout spot. 

Like to dance on your night outs? Restaurants like High Spirits, Paasha, Mix@36 and Orion have the perfect set of DJs and dance floors where you can dance the night away with your friends. And answering your obvious question of “Is Pune Safe At Night?”- It absolutely is as it is one of the safest cities to live in.

Each of these nightlife joints hosts special events on each day of the week like Bollywood Night, Ladies Night and Quiz NIght where you can go to whatever event your heart pleases. 

The night-life in Pune is happening and bustling- so there will be no such days where you will be left un-entertained. 


6. A Variety of Dining Experiences


Variety of Dining Experiences


Punekars take their food very seriously, and the restaurants are a testament to this fact. From Italian restaurants that specialise in handmade doughs to spicy misal with soft pav- you can find every cuisine within every budget.  There is so much that can be said about the food culture in Pune. 

First, there are the posh Italian and French restaurants within the lanes of Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar, Deccan, & Kalyani Nagar like Le Plaisir, Brasserie Cinq and Boteco which get world-class chefs to make you specialised international cuisines. There are people who travel in from other cities just for their gastronomical delights. 

Then there are the bistros and cafes like Cafe 108 and French Window that have a selection of coffees, cakes, small bites, and healthy food where you can meet friends for a cup of coffee or just go read a book. 

And then there are the joints that locals prefer like Katakirr, Bedekar, Surve’s and Jeevan all that offer a variety of local lore of misal, tambda rassa, sol kadi and more. 


At The Bottom…

Pune is a delightful place to live in with a variety of experiences, spaces and areas. It offers a diverse culture that is suitable for every type of person. All of these aspects make it a unique place to live. So if you are looking to move to a city, Pune should be on the top of your list.



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