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Vastu for Flat - Demystifying the Myths Before Buying Your New House

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture. It used to govern the way homes were built in the past. Even today, despite so many technological advancements, Vastu Shastra drives residential architectures to varying extents. Although it is good to follow ancient scientific systems, it isn’t prudent to live with myths. Accordingly, Kohinoor, one of the top construction groups in Pune, demystifies five myths around Vastu.

Vastu Myths Busted – Demystifying 5 Vastu Myths Before You Buy a New Home in Pune

1. The Southeast Entry Cannot Become the Main Entrance


The Southeast Entry Cannot Become the Main Entrance

According to Vastu rules, the southeast direction forms the place of Agni Kund. However, the belief that it cannot become the main entrance of your home is incorrect. In fact, the direction proves lucky for a lot of people.

2. The Toilet Cannot be Built in the Northeast Corner.

This rule was applicable thousands of years ago when toilets weren’t as technologically advanced. However, if you look today, this rule isn’t necessarily applicable. It is because toilets are relatively clean and hygienic today. Doing a few minor changes, such as adding colors, mirrors, etc., can help you overcome the challenge.

3. A Downward Staircase Exactly in Front of Your Main Entrance Drains Your Wealth


Staircase Exactly in Front of Your Main Entrance Drains Your Wealth

This might have been true then. However, it isn’t applicable if you stay in a building with multiple flats. It is because the ownership starts from the main entrance of your apartment. Additionally, the staircase forms a common space for common use. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

4. Empty Space or Basements Under Your Home Prove to be Unlucky

In the age of space shortage, and the need to build multiple homes in a relatively short space, it is impossible to follow every Vastu Shastra in exactly the manner it was originally laid down. In view of modern structural needs and space availability, high-rise buildings have to have underground parking. So, that’s a myth.
However, if you still feel worried about it, you can consult a Vastu expert and check if there’s a solution to this concern without making any structural changes, breaking walls, etc.


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5. South-Facing Entrance is Considered Unlucky




Image Source:designcafe.com
Again, in places where an east-facing entrance is not structurally possible and south entrance is the only option, what do the homeowners do? Many homes have a south-facing entrance, and it isn’t true that a south entrance brings bad luck to the owner. Nevertheless, if the south entrance of the home confronts you, you can balance the Vastu of the house according to its energies, and even better, consult a Vastu expert for the solution.

Buy the Best Home in Pune with Kohinoor!


Buy the Best Home in Pune with Kohinoor Group Pune

As one of the top construction groups in Pune, Kohinoor not just offers the best but homes that are Vastu compliant in the best possible manner.

So, if you want to buy a home in Hinjewadi, Kondhwa, Pimpri, or other regions of Pune, connect with Kohinoor at 020 6764 1839 and take the first step toward buying the home of your choice in Pune.


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