The Rising Profile of Commercial Spaces Near Pune Metro Station

The magnificent city of Pune has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. As the city expands beyond its core Peth areas and explores adjoining suburbs, the demand for a commercial project in Pune in these areas has also grown magnanimously. The growing commercial real estate investment is also because of the gigantic rise in the number of residential properties in these suburbs. As the city expands, the need for more efficient transportation has also been voiced for a long time to keep pace with the growing population and rise in the demand for a commercial project in Pune. Hence, Metro was recently introduced to Pune to meet this demand. 

This extensive metro network in Pune is not only supposed to add a few layers of convenience to the way people commute, but it is also expected to transform the scenario of a commercial project in Pune. In this blog, we will take a look at the rising profile and demand for a commercial property in Pune near Metro Stations, and also explore the numerous advantages it brings to the investors of a commercial project in Pune.

Why is a commercial project in Pune, near Metro Stations in demand?

Hinjewadi Metro Station

Metro Stations are mostly located in densely populated areas and major commercial districts. A commercial property in Pune in such a location opens the doors to numerous possibilities and shimmering opportunities. The advantages for a commercial real estate investment in proximity to Metro Stations are - 

1. Accessibility: Metro stations provide easy access for employees, clients, and customers, offering them the privilege of enjoying reduced commuting time, and hassle-free experience, free of traffic congestions. 

2. A commercial project in Pune near a Metro Station enjoys increased visibility: Being in proximity to a Metro Station results in increased visibility and footfalls as the commuters travelling by a Metro often explore a nearby commercial property in Pune, offering additional exposure for a business.  

3. A commercial project in Pune near a Metro Station gets customers from diverse locations : As  Metro Stations connect important parts of the entire city, it allows a business in a commercial property in Pune to attract customers and employees from even distant parts of the city. 

4. Reduced carbon footprint: For socially conscious businesses, a commercial project in Pune in proximity to Metro Stations could help in reducing its carbon footprint. This becomes possible because of reduced reliance on private vehicles. In addition, this lowers parking space requirements as well.

Now, let’s take a look at the Metro corridors a commercial project in Pune can benefit from -


The development of metro corridors in Pune is all set to give a major boost to commercial real estate investment near Metro Stations. A few of the significant corridors are - 

1. Line 1 (PCMC to Swargate): This corridor connects Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) to Swargate, passing through key areas like Shivajinagar, Pune Railway Station, and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) building. A commercial project in Pune in these areas can benefit from the metro's connectivity to major transportation hubs.

2. Line 2 (Vanaz to Ramwadi): Line 2 connects Vanaz to Ramwadi, passing through prominent localities like the Deccan Gymkhana, FC Road, and Koregaon Park. A commercial project in Pune near stations on this corridor is in high demand because of the accessibility and vibrant surroundings.

3. Line 3 (Hinjewadi to Civil Court): The Hinjewadi to Civil Court corridor serves the IT hub of Hinjewadi and connects it to various parts of Pune. A commercial property in Pune in Hinjewadi, and areas near metro stations is in high demand due to the hassle-free commute it offers to IT professionals.

4. Line 4 (Shivajinagar to Hinjewadi): Line 4 connects Shivajinagar to Hinjewadi, catering to the commuters travelling between these two important areas. A commercial project in Pune on this route is poised for growth once the corridor becomes operational.

If you are looking for a commercial project in Pune, near Metro Stations, you must take a look at any commercial property in Pune by Kohinoor Group Pune - Kohinoor World Towers in Pimpri, and Kohinoor B-Zone Shivaji Nagar

B-Zone Shivajinagar
MahaRERA No.: B-Zone Shivaji Nagar
- P52100021302

Kohinoor Business Towers, a commercial project in Pune is touted as Pimpri’s global business address, and rightly so. This commercial property in Pune offers AAA-grade offices, showrooms, shops and a retail high street. Here’s a quick look at this commercial project in Pune, near Metro Station. 

KBT Project

MahaRERA: P52100049202

1.8 million sq. ft. AAA-grade development I 3 grand towers I Located in Pimpri, the commercial district of PCMC I Rooftop restaurants, cafes, and fitness zones I Designed by H* Architects, Singapore, and VK: Architecture, India I The 30-ft high grand air-conditioned lobby

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