The Impact of Transportation on Property Values: What You Need to Know

Imagine, flats near Wakad with no transportation facility at all. Isn’t this scary? Well, this was the case a decade ago, when one had to depend on six sitters or even State Transport buses passing by the highway to get a drop at the desired destination. But things have changed for flats near Wakad and how! Today, flats near Wakad benefit from an array of transportation options, Metro being the latest addition. It’s no wonder then that the prices and the demand for flats near Wakad have been ever growing. If you are looking for 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune or 3 BHK flats near Wakad Pune, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will explore how transportation impacts property values. In addition, we will also take a look at Kohinoor Westview Reserve - a development of 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune and 3 BHK flats near Wakad Pune. Read on! 

Let’s explore why the availability of good transportation has resulted in flats near Wakad being homebuyers’ favourite. 

1. Proximity to Public Transportation 


B.T Kawade Road Area Connectivity


Not every resident of flats near Wakad would prefer using a private vehicle for commuting to their workplace. In such cases, the proximity of flats near Wakad to public transport options becomes significantly important. Flats near Wakad have definitely benefited from the frequent buses plying through the location. This proximity has been one of the many reasons for the price appreciation of flats near Wakad. The upcoming Metro Station is all set to result in a major price hike of flats near Wakad. 

2. Less Traffic Congestion 

A locality that has less traffic congestion and offers ease of commuting appreciates quicker than the ones with regular traffic jams. As home-buyers seek convenience while commuting to their workplaces, flats near Wakad have shown a steady price appreciation. 

3. Flats Near Wakad Offer Quick Access to Road Networks

Since flats near Wakad are in proximity to two major road networks - Pune-Bengaluru Highway and Pune-Mumbai Expressway, the prices of 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune have shown a steady price appreciation. Home-buyers always prefer a location that gives them easy access to good road networks, as this results in a significant reduction in commuting time. Also, being close to major highways is one of the major alluring features for investors as well. 

4. Flats Near Wakad Reduce Your Travelling Cost

Since flats near Wakad are situated in proximity to public transport options, you won’t be needing multiple private vehicles within your household. This results in  reduction in vehicle costs, including fuel, maintenance, and parking. Thus, flats near Wakad help you in financial savings and improve the overall cost of living.

5. The Lesser the Vehicles, the Greener the Planet

Park near bt kawade road

Locations with efficient public transportation systems and reduced reliance on personal vehicles are found attractive by environment-conscious home-buyers. Sustainable transportation options contribute to a greener lifestyle, enhancing the desirability of properties such as flats near Wakad.

6. Good Transportation Leads to Economic Development

If there is one catalyst for economic development that has often been ignored is transportation. Locations in proximity to public transport or transport corridors usually experience quicker commercial growth. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on property values as more investors and real estate giants enter such locations. Flats near Wakad are a good example of this scenario. 

7. Flats Near Wakad Offer a Dynamic Lifestyle

Transportation options can greatly influence lifestyle convenience. For example, flats near Wakad offer walkable neighbourhoods, bike lanes, and easy access to public transport. As a result of this, homebuyers get to enjoy an active lifestyle, which eventually results in more demand for residential properties, mostly by younger buyers and professionals looking for a holistic lifestyle. 

8. Great Returns on Investment

Transportation is a crucial factor for investors. Locations that are well-connected are more likely to offer consistent rental income and price appreciation. It’s no wonder then that smart investors are putting in their hard earned money in flats near Wakad. 

9. Future Transportation Projects 

You need to keep an eye on future transportation projects, as such projects result in major price appreciation. Take flats near Wakad for example. The introduction of Metro has resulted in a significant price rise for the properties in and around Wakad. 

If you too wish to reap the benefits of a smart investment and invest in a location with good transportation infrastructure, invest in flats near Wakad. We recommend you take a look at Kohinoor Westview Reserve - a development of 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune and 3 BHK flats near Wakad Pune. 


Westview Reserve (1)
(MahaRERA No.: P52100048589, P52100050739)


Also known as Naturements, Kohinoor Westview Reserve lets you discover the charm of nature with its nature-centric amenities. In addition, these flats near Wakad are also studded with an array of world-class features that let you celebrate every moment and pamper your every desire. What makes these flats near Wakad even more alluring is the fact that these homes are in proximity to public transport options, offer you seamless access to major road networks, and let you spend more time with your family and less on commute.

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