Real Estate Trends in Hinjewadi Pune - Know Before You Buy a Flat

When you plan to buy a residential property one of the aspects you must check out is the location of the property. It is one of the features of the property that can affect its price and the convenience of the inmates or users of the property to a great extent. Ideally you must look for a location which offers all the facilities of great connectivity, super civic amenities, a safe neighborhood, etc. All these aspects can help you to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in the coming times.

Talking about the city of Pune, Hinjewadi is one such locality which offers a string of super facilities to the people who are living in the area. This is one of the main reasons why real estate investment in Hinjewadi is considered to be really lucrative. Let us explore why.

The Real Estate Market in Hinjewadi

Real Estate Market In Hinjewadi 

Although Hinjewadi is a suburban region of Pune, yet the area has witnessed a huge development and emergence of corporate settlements, particularly the IT parks. The area has emerged as one of the major priorities of developers when it comes to develop new residential real estate projects. This is one of the major reasons why the Hinjewadi residential real estate market is one of the most dynamic ones, in entire Pune city. This factor is easily deducible from the large number of residential real estate projects that has come up in and around the region.

Some of the top rated builders have come up with more than one project in the area and still plans to come up with more. The area of Hinjewadi is not only laced with the presence of a large number of facilities but the region also poses the possibility of new and further developments in the coming times. This is an aspect that has brought about an encouraging trend in the landed property market in Hinjewadi.

Real Estate Market Trends in 2021 in Hinjewadi

Real Estate Trends In Hinjewadi Pune 

The setting in of the pandemic in 2020 had led to a dip in the sales figure of the landed properties in entire Pune and Hinjewadi was no different. However experts are of the opinion that the future of landed property in Hinjewadi happens to be really bright and favorable. This is clear from the new real estate projects in Hinjewadi Pune. In order to boost the real estate industry in Pune, the Maharashtra Government has also reduced the stamp duty.

However this is a time which is considered to be highly favorable for the home buyers. Since the prices are all time low, and the availability of low interest loans from the banks and the other financial institutes, this can be one of the best times when you can invest in your home.

Working of the Top Builders

Kohinoor Group Pune Logo

The working pattern of the top builders of the city like Kohinoor Group clear indicates that the Pune real estate market trends are not all gloom and doom. This is clearly visible from the new projects that are introduced by these Groups. Presently the renowned builders are concentrating on the dual aspect of completing their earlier projects for a timely delivery and also to come up with new and novel residential project ideas. This is why the Hinjewadi real estate future looks more than bright to experts even in the post pandemic times.

Sportsville By Kohinoor

community living Kohinoor SportsVille 

The Sportsville by Kohinoor is one of the premium projects commenced in the Hinjewadi region. As the name of the project suggests, this project is one of the best options if you are looking for a residential complex that can offer you ample facilities and amenities of sports and physical activity.

Sportsville is a project by the Kohinoor Group that offers the property owners with an infrastructure which will help them to indulge in various kinds of sports activities and other fitness regimes. There are spaces for cricket practice, tennis, basketball, joggers’ park, children’s playground, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc.

Best Place for Sports Activities

Kohinoor Sportsville Amenities 

All these facilities and more can help you and your family to have an active life. Now you can indulge in various physical activities to live a particular balanced and healthy life. In the current times when movement outside your house have become so very limited and restricted being in touch and practice of some kind of physical activity is really important. It can help you to keep in sync with a normal life. This Sportsville project offers flats in Hinjewadi which can help you to keep active very simply.

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Stay Healthy in Times of

Lifestyle In Kohinoor Sportsville Maan 

In the present times the medical fraternity has been found to be constantly harping on the aspect of immunity and body strength and health. In order to ensure on this part you must live a balanced life that will include a proper diet, proper rest and an adequate workout regime. Flats for sale in a complex like this will help you to live an active life and also maintain the new protocols required to keep safe from infections of the pandemic.

Kohinoor Coral


The Kohinoor Coral is yet another project from the Kohinoor Group which amalgamates various benefits and features to offer a super comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for property owners here. This residential project – Coral not only offers inbuilt features like a great plan, modern architecture, various amenities within the complex but at the same time people living in these places can also enjoy the attributes of a great location.

A Premium Location

Hinjewadi IT Park Pune 

Hinjewadi is one of the premium locations in Pune which offers a series of beneficial features like great schools, top rated healthcare facilities, great local markets, shopping malls and complexes, a close proximity from the IT hubs and parks, super entertainment options, unparalleled connectivity with the rest of the city of Pune and the Highways, etc. All of these features and more will ensure that property owners here can enjoy a super comfortable lifestyle and also an ever appreciative ROI on their property.

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