Pune Ranked 2nd Safest City in India

If you wish to invest in a commercial property in Pune or you are looking for residential properties in Pune, here is one more delightful reason to do so. Aapla Pune has been ranked  2nd safest city in India in a report published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Kolkata reported 86.5 cases of cognisable offences per lakh people in 2022, and was followed by Pune (280.7) and Hyderabad (299.2), the NCRB data stated. Cognisable crimes are those for which cases are registered under sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and SLL (Special and Local Laws). The rankings were issued after comparison among 19 cities with over 20 lakh population. If you are an investor looking to invest in a commercial property in Pune or residential properties in Pune, what this does for you is a growth in demand for properties in Pune, which in turn leads to a significant price appreciation and multiplying returns in the near future. If you are migrating to Pune, you will not have to worry about leading an insecure life as Pune is a delightful place to reside, and also because, Pune is ranked 2nd safest city in India. Further in this blog, we will take a look at a few important factors that make Pune one of the most preferred residential destinations to invest in or stay in. In addition, we will also take a quick look at Kohinoor Group - one of Pune’s leading real estate brands with an array of residential properties in Pune and commercial properties in Pune. 

IT hubs - One of the major reasons for the ever growing demand for residential properties in Pune: Pune has emerged as a major IT hub in the past two decades. This has not only created ample job opportunities but has also led to an increase in demand for residential properties in Pune. Investing in locations in proximity to IT hubs brings in great returns and results in steady price appreciation. 

Influx of students from the rest of the country: Being the education hub, Pune has attracted students not only from the rest of India but also from a few countries. This has resulted in increased demand for student housing and consistent rental yield. This has attracted smart investors to invest in residential properties in Pune. 

Safe nightlife makes investors invest in commercial properties in Pune: Because of the low crime rate, citizens feel comfortable traveling and celebrating special occasions, even during night hours. This could be one of the reasons why Pune has emerged as one of the most preferred residential and commercial destinations. 

Infrastructure Development and safe traveling options: Pune’s infrastructure is one of the best, and is improving every year. Ongoing projects such as metro rail expansion, Ring Road, road widening, and improved connectivity are not only enhancing the city's accessibility but are also contributing to the appreciation of residential and commercial properties in Pune. 

The Quality of Life - an attractive reason to belong to Pune: Pune has always been known for the quality of life it offers. In this competitive world, where a balanced life is of utmost importance, Pune emerges as the best option to invest in residential properties. Developments such as integrated townships and gated communities offer a high-quality life and are widely popular among investors and homebuyers looking for residential properties in Pune. 

Convenience: There isn’t a single major location in Pune that doesn’t offer daily necessities in proximity. Especially, developments by Kohinoor Group Pune are strategically located to offer you everything you need within a radius of a few kilometers. Residential properties in Pune 
and commercial property in Pune in proximity to social and civic amenities attracts smart investors and homebuyers. 

Pune Ranked 2nd safest city in India is also known for its steady price appreciation: Pune has a really stable real estate market. Fortunately, it has not experienced the extreme fluctuations seen in some other real estate markets, providing a sense of security to those looking to invest in residential properties in Pune. As the demand for residential properties in Pune and commercial property in Pune keeps growing, property values are expected to appreciate even faster in the near future.

A wide range of options: From budget-friendly homes to plush apartments and luxurious villas, Pune offers everything investors looking for residential properties in Pune need. This factor makes Pune an accessible market for homebuyers and investors alike.

If you are looking for residential properties in Pune or a commercial property in Pune, you must take a look at developments by Kohinoor Group Pune. Awarded as Pune’s fastest growing developer by The Economic Times, Kohinoor Group has transformed Pune with its landmarks that are synonymous with excellence. With a rich legacy of 40 years, Kohinoor Group has triumphed over thousands of hearts with its ethical approach and customer-centric policies. With the selfless Mantra of ‘Sada Sukhi Raho’ at the core of its every endeavour, Kohinoor Group has emerged to be one of the most trusted brands in Pune’s real estate industry. 


Kohinoor Group

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