Presidentia by Kohinoor Group – BT Kawade Road

One pertinent question that haunts every newbie in the context of a real estate property investment is the most important string of features to look out for when selecting a prospectus residential real estate property.

The location of the property is one of the most important aspects here. It offers an array of advantages that contributes to the quality lifestyle of the property owner in the area. Additionally, the location of the property also adds to the return of interest of the property. Hence at the time of selecting such projects, you must spare close attention to the locality or the immediate area of the project.

A Short Intro on the Importance of Location for Real Estate Projects



If you are in two minds or still harbor a question that why location is so important in real estate, remember that no matter how well planned the interiors of a residential complex might be, property owners cannot live in an oasis amidst a rueful desert. A good location or the immediate locality offers amenities and facilities that can make your life easier, fun and safe.

The nature of the neighbourhood of your residence can determine the kind of extended lifestyle you can have and the kind of things you can do regularly with ease and convenience. Location facilities like schools, colleges and offices in the nearby vicinity can reduce your daily travelling time helping you have a better quality of life.

Similarly, local markets, shopping malls, multiplexes and hospitals within a nearby area can help people have a comfortable and active life.

A Brief Synopsis of Pune Real Estate Market


Top Areas In Pune For Real Estate Investment

Pune is one of the most developed urban settlements in the country. Owing to its position nearby to Mumbai, fast development of the city itself, the growing hub of economy, expanding buying power of the people in the city and much more the Pune real estate market happens to be one of the most booming one in the entire country.

The horizon of Pune has always been ripe with upcoming construction projects which could be equally divided between residential and commercial segments. The city has several active ad large scale real estate developers that have commenced real estate projects of various scales.

However, this boom has been somewhat affected by the outbreak of the current pandemic. Even then the Pune real estate construction industry happens to be far from a stagnating condition. The real estate developers currently are trying their best to complete the projects they have begun so far. The situations are expected to improve in the coming times.


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Features of BT Kawade Road

BT Kawade Road

The Bhagwan Tatyasaheb Kawade Road or the BT Kawade road Pune is one of the most promising areas in central Pune in terms of a potential destination for developing real estate projects.

The area is close to Magarpatta and is a hot favourite residential area loved by the modern generation professionals. The region is well connected with the other part of the city through the NIBM Road on the south and the MG Road in the West.

This is an out-n-out residential locality where several ace residential projects have been developed by quality real estate developers of the city. The residents of the area can access the Solapur Road via the railway flyover in the area.

The area is strewn with quality schools, colleges, hospitals, etc which can help the people of the area have a comfortable and convenient life.

Further, some of the most prominent It hubs are at a pebble thro distance from BT Kawade Road. People working in these places will have to travel minimum on a regular basis. This can help them to have a wonderful work-life balance.


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How Investing in a Real Estate Project there Can be Profitable


Indian City for real estate investment

Owing to the humungous advantage of the location many luxury residential projects in Pune are found in the Bt Kawade region. Most residential real estate projects of the area are termed ace and high-end projects that attract a broad portfolio of buyers from not only different parts of the city but the state as a whole.

Given the long list of facilities and amenities of the region, the return on investment of the properties in the region is likely to shoot up in the future as well. The area has come up in a big way and still holds a lot of potential for development. O wonder even in the coming times investing in a real estate project in the region seems like a really profitable and bright idea.

Types of Investors who can think of the Area and its Projects


11 Mistakes For First time Homebuyer


The 3 bhk flat in BT road and 2 bhk flat for sale in BT Kawade road propose really attractive investment options. BT Kawade is a locality that holds some potential for everyone. Whether you are a retired person or a professional with a family – the area can offer a great life to all of you.

Hence this area and the properties here can have a universal appeal. Especially people who are working in the IT hubs in the region can plan to invest in a house in the region. This will help them to maintain a better work-life balance.

Presidentia by Kohinoor Group


Kohinoor Presidentia

The Presidentia by Kohinoor is one of the most lavish residential real estate projects that are coming up in the region under the able guidance of the Kohinoor Group. This residential project offers an array of super stylish and chic features to the buyers. No wonder it is considered to be one of the most ace projects of the city attracting the best buyers of the state.

The project offers unique internal features coupled with a super amenity-filled location. The project undoubtedly has a super ROI which is unlikely to go down even in the coming times. If you are looking to make a great choice for long term planning then Presidentia by Kohinoor is just the option for you.



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