Premium Commercial Offices in Pune - An Elite Project with Luxurious Amenities

Most of today’s entrepreneurs, especially the urban ones, come with specific demands concerning a commercial space. Amenities is one in addition to the premium locality and smart offices. Accordingly, commercial spaces, especially those in Pune and the country’s other metro cities, are expected to offer luxurious amenities that add value to the property and a comprehensive ROI.

But what are the modern amenities that new-age entrepreneurs, regardless of their business size, demand? And, is there a project that genuinely meets them?

Let’s answer both these questions!

Amenities Provided in Premium Commercial Properties in Pune | AAA Grade Commercial Property Amenities


As one of the fastest-growing business hubs in India, entrepreneurs expect commercial properties in Pune to offer various ultra-modern amenities. Some of them include the following.

  • Massive Public spaces
  • Large Gardens
  • Natural Ventilation And High Quality Indoor Air
  • Fitness Centers
  • Multiple High-Speed Elevators
  • Multiple Service Elevators
  • Cafeteria Zone
  • Advanced Security (CCTV, Boom Barriers, etc.)
  • Multi-Storied Parking Facility
  • Well-Maintained Restrooms
  • Automation In Various Areas

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) – An Elite Project with Luxurious Amenities at a Prime Location in Pune


KWT is a huge under-construction commercial project near Pune in Pimpri Chinchwad. The project enjoys a significant strategic location between Pimpri and Chinchwad. It is well-connected through the old Mumbai-Pune highway, a metro station (at only 300 meters from the project), and Chinchwad Railway station at only two kilometers. Additionally, KWT is near various industrial areas in the city.

Apart from location, what makes KWT a unique project is the various amenities it offers. KWT is an elite and new-age commercial project that complements Pune’s identity as a business hub. It provides everything that emerging and established entrepreneurs demand from commercial offices in Pune. Some of the essential features of Kohinoor World Towers include the following.

  • 15 High-Speed Elevators
  • 3 Service Elevators
  • Lavish Front office space
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Automation Features For Enhanced Comfort
  • Fitness Centers
  • Rooftop Restaurants, Cafes, And Fitness Zones
  • Integrated office features
  • Intelligent Office Layouts With Adequate Natural Light and Ventilation
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Neoclassical Facade
  • Optimum Acoustic and Thermal Settings
  • Large Efficient Podium Floors
  • Outdoor Terraces
  • Super-Wide Floorplates
  • High-Class Washrooms

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Kohinoor World Towers undoubtedly forms a premium choice when it comes to the best commercial properties in Pune. It is a unique commercial landmark with as many modern amenities and exceptional business potential.

So, don’t look any further while searching for premium AAA grade commercial spaces in Pune! Book your office in KWT and unlock a host of sustainable business opportunities. Call +91 20 6764 1818 to know more about KWT.



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