PCMC the New Commercial Hub to Start Your Business

Pune is a growing commercial hub of the country and gives you a wide spectrum of opportunities. Look no further than Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), the new commercial hub of India. Located in the western state of Maharashtra, PCMC has become a hotspot for businesses of all sizes due to its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and pro-business policies. PCMC is known as one of the best commercial destinations in Pune. 

Kohinoor World Tower in PCMC gives you an array of opportunities to take your business to new heights. Here are some reasons why PCMC is the perfect place to start your business: 

Strategic Location to Have a Commercial Property in Pune! 

PCMC is located in the heart of Maharashtra, just a stone's throw away from the city of Pune. The city is situated on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which is one of India's busiest highways. It is also well connected to other major cities in the state, such as Mumbai, Nashik, and Aurangabad, making it an ideal location for businesses that need to transport goods or travel frequently. 

When you plan to have an office in Pune the first destination that comes to mind is PCMC. It has all the aspects that are needed in a commercial destination of Pune. From having a strong manufacturing and industrial setup to connecting with vendors and associates, everything is easy when having a commercial property in Pune, PCMC.

Excellent Infrastructure at PCMC's commercial properties 

PCMC boasts of excellent infrastructure that is essential for businesses to thrive. The city has a well-developed road network, with wide and well-maintained roads that make transportation easy and efficient. Commercial property in Pune, PCMC has a good network of public transport, including buses and trains that connect the city to other parts of Maharashtra. 

Additionally, PCMC has a modern airport that is located just 20 kilometers away from the city. The Pune International Airport is well-connected to other major cities in India and has regular flights to international destinations. 

Pro-Business Policies at PCMC! 

PCMC attractive destination

PCMC is known for its pro-business policies that have made it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. The city has a favorable tax regime, which includes incentives and exemptions for businesses that invest in the city. Additionally, the local government has set up various schemes and subsidies to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

PCMC also has a dedicated Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation (PIC) that provides assistance to businesses looking to invest in the city. The PIC offers a range of services, including land acquisition, financial assistance, and project management support. 

Availability of Skilled Labor 

PCMC is home to a large pool of skilled labor, thanks to its proximity to Pune, which is a major educational hub in India. The city has several universities and colleges that offer courses in engineering, management, and other fields, which means businesses have easy access to a highly skilled workforce. Commercial properties in Pune have all the necessary functions you need to run your business efficiently. 

Additionally, PCMC has a large number of technical institutes and training centers that provide vocational training to students, which ensures that there is a steady supply of skilled workers for businesses. 

Vibrant Business Ecosystem in Commercial Properties of Pune 

PCMC has a vibrant business ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of startups and SMEs. The city has several co-working spaces and incubators that provide startups with the resources and support they need to get off the ground.

PCMC also has a thriving startup community that is supported by various initiatives such as hackathons, pitch sessions, and networking events. The city has several industry associations and chambers of commerce that provide businesses with a platform to connect with other businesses and industry experts. 

Best-In-Class Real Estate 

PCMC has a best-in-class real estate market compared to other major cities in India. The city has a range of commercial and industrial properties available for rent or purchase, which makes it easy for businesses to find a suitable location for their operations.

The city also has several industrial estates and special economic zones (SEZs) that offer a range of facilities and incentives for businesses that invest in them.

In conclusion, PCMC is the perfect place to start your business if you are looking for a location that offers excellent infrastructure, pro-business policies, and a skilled workforce. With its strategic location and vibrant business ecosystem, PCMC is poised to become one of the leading commercial hubs in India in the coming years.

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), Pune

From this blog, it becomes clear how the changing dynamics of the city have made PCMC one of the best commercial destinations in Pune. For you to run a business successfully and with the right resources PCMC should be your choice. Kohinoor World Tower in PCMC serves all your requirements for having a commercial property in Pune. Know more about it from our website and book your workspace with us!

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