Impact of Pandemic on Home Interior Trends – How Modern Home Interior Would Change After Covid-19

Booking a new house in Pune? Planning to move after lockdown? It would be important to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the home interior trends in 2021 and beyond. The modern home interior design would now have more dimensions to consider - like work from home comfort, having antibacterial interiors, more eco-friendly and natural designs.

Considering that the new home-buyers would like to spend most of the time at their new home, enjoying both online work as well as leisure time with their immediate family, the home interior design would matter the most.

What is the Future of Home Interior – Residential Interior Trends After COVID-19

What is the Future of Home Interior – Residential Interior Trends After COVID-19

COVID-19 has transformed everything around us. Right from economies, businesses to our thought process, everything appears to have changed significantly, and the changes seem to be more aligned with the pandemic-associated future. Our lifestyle isn’t an exception to the changes that have been happening around us. And if lifestyles have changed, interior designs too should. So, let us see what post-COVID residential designs have in store for you.

3 Things Modern Home Interior Designs Would Change After the Pandemic

The pandemic, the stress that it resulted in, and the new home office routine that it brought into the trend are factors that are and will pretty much be driving the future of interior design amidst COVID. Let us see what it is.

1. Home Office



The pandemic, and the lockdown that followed it, emptied massive office spaces, requiring people to work from their homes. As a result, the new normal, as they call it these days, Work from Home (WFH), took the business world by its storm and is looked at as the future of work routine for years to come.

As a result, modern interior designs, those stemming from the transformations brought by COVID-19, include efficient home office designs as an integral part.

These new-age home office interiors involve creating functional spaces that focus on professional comfort while working from home, smart home features, and prudent choice of colors such as white stripes and black and white drapes to usher enough light into the home office to transform it into a pleasant space.

Additionally, elements such as natural and artificial ventilation, personalized seating arrangement (while keeping ergonomics in mind!), creation of adequate space to store files, documents (for those who do a lot of paperwork), shelves, cabinets, appropriate artificial lighting arrangement to reduce harmful glare, etc. should also be factored in.


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2. Soothing and Calm Designs


Round coffee table


Stress during the pandemic, and otherwise as well, has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Unfortunate, but that’s true. Of course, you cannot eliminate stress altogether.

However, what you can do is let the post-COVID interior design of your home reduce it and contribute to peace. Of course, everyone has his or her unique definition of peace and calmness. But generally, this is what you can do as a part of your interior design.

You can incorporate natural elements such as greenery through plants to promote overall well-being, ensure natural ventilation to usher adequate sunlight, fresh air, and therefore positive thoughts, use light colors that prove soothing to the eye, use soft and cozy material to feel good, and comfortable after a tiring day’s work.

Additionally, avoiding clutter and making a room appear more spacious and clutter-free can also make a significant difference.


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3. Use of Antibacterial Designs

With the havoc that the pandemic continues to cause, hygiene seems another dimension to emotional peace. Interior designs during and after COVID will be more aligned to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the home.

As a result, elements with antimicrobial properties such as copper, bronze, and brasses will be preferred more over their modern counterparts. Besides, the use of quartz that exhibits stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and hardness in countertops is also projected to increase in view of COVID. So yes, hygiene seems a priority in view of COVID.

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