Investing in New Commercial Projects in Pune – List of 7 Must Have Amenities

Amenities are among the most significant factors that drive the property choice of contemporary business owners, especially millennials. In addition to making business-friendly choices, they also want the property to have modern amenities. And of course, why not? As tenants, when they are ready to invest substantially, why should they compromise on the amenities part?

Accordingly, as an investor, you must buy commercial properties in Pune equipped with the latest amenities that resonate with the needs of modern tenants. But ideally, which amenities should a modern commercial office space in Pune have? Let’s answer this question to help you make a more aligned and informed choice.

7 Amenities to Look for in Commercial Buildings in Pune

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From high-speed internet to ample parking space, the commercial property you choose should have these amenities to make your offering a competent one.

  1. High-Speed Internet (Wi-Fi)

    Almost every 21st-century business runs on the internet. That makes the internet a fundamental need. So, while looking for commercial spaces in Pune, ensure it will have high-speed internet connectivity, and Wi-Fi enabled.

    One of the questions and aspects tenants ask and verify is the internet range. Make sure you are prepared for it. Poor internet connectivity can hamper the property’s value. So, let the internet be among your priorities while buying a commercial space.

  2. Conference Space

    At times, business owners may need larger conference spaces to accommodate a larger audience. In situations like these, a few conference spaces can ease the concern. Many modern entrepreneurs look at additional conference facilities (apart from those available in their office) as an essential amenity. It helps them save massive costs and time incurred in booking a hotel banquet hall.

  3. Adequate Security Measures

    Security is basic. However, security measures shouldn’t remain basic anymore. Appointing a security guard or two to secure a large commercial hub isn’t enough. You must choose commercial properties in Pune offering advanced security features.

    One of the basic concerns of tenants is the degree of security measures. Hence, you must look for some essential modern security measures in a prospective property. These include CCTV cameras at vantage points, emergency alarms, smoke detectors, biometric access systems, intruder alarm systems, comprehensive fire alarms, video door phones, boom barriers at the entry point, and overall security surveillance.

  4. Large Outdoor Space

    Fresh air is another fundamental necessity. Stressed-out professionals need to step out of the office environment and get some fresh air to have refreshments, indulge in quick chats with their colleagues, and rejuvenate themselves.

    So, the commercial property you are about to buy must have ample outdoor space on various floors. It is even better if the space has an outdoor patio or a scenic rooftop offering a breath-taking panoramic view of the sprawling city.

  5. Natural Air and Light

    This isn’t an amenity but a need. By natural air and light, we refer to making arrangements that allow natural air to play around and natural light to illuminate the space. Many tenants now look for such spaces, in particular. They have two reasons for it. First, the office remains fresh, and second, it saves energy costs significantly.

  6. Parking Space

    Parking is a critical concern in city centers. Pune, in particular, has been infamous for parking problems for many years. Tenants might refuse your space if it does not have ample parking space for their employees, guests, visitors, clients, vendors, etc. Accordingly, you must choose commercial offices in Pune with ample designated and common covered and open parking spaces for your prospects.

  7. Right Mix of Tenants

    Again, this one also isn’t an amenity but a strategic aspect. How? Choosing commercial projects in Pune with the right mix of tenants can significantly affect the property’s value. For instance, investing in a commercial space with diverse tenants like retailers, fitness centers, restaurants, etc., can attract modern tenants who can avail these facilities under a single roof.

Kohinoor World Towers – A Potential Choice for Commercial Properties Near Pune

KWT Pune 

Popularly known as KWT, Kohinoor World Towers is a massive business center shaping in the heart of Pimpri Chinchwad, the twin city of Pune. The site enjoys a strategic location between Pimpri and Chinchwad. It is well-connected by the arterial Old Mumbai Pune Highway, wider roads, and public transport.

KWT offers a range of A+ grade offices and modern amenities that include everything from integrated office spaces to a high level of security. It also provides lavish outdoor spaces and offices with arrangements for natural ventilation and light.

The KWT project location can serve as a site for investors and business owners to leverage the combined business growth potential of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. So, if you’ve been looking to invest in commercial properties in Pune, KWT could form a potential choice. Call +91 20 6764 know more about KWT.



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