Moving During Corona Pandemic? Don't Forget These Precautions.

Amidst COVID-19, a lot of people are moving out from their apartments due to several consequences, including the expiration of their rent agreement. This blog emphasises on the safety measures to follow while packing and moving as it is quite risky if you do not take enough precautions. It also helps you avoid risking your health and falling prey to the coronavirus in this hectic scenario of shifting.

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Even in the normal circumstances people find packing & moving really stressful. However, due to COVID-19 outbreak, relocating is even more stressful than before. Beyond the regular consequences, a lot more can go off the rail and can affect your health. Most people who wish to honour their lease agreements are clueless about how to move safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you take some precautions, moving can be done relatively safely. In case you are planning to make a move, here is your guide to moving during the coronavirus pandemic:


1. Wear Masks

Wear Masks


Everyone involved in the moving process should be wearing a proper face mask at all times. Whether you are hiring movers or enlisting your friends, don’t forget to wear protective gear when moving during the pandemic.

Proper protective equipment that you can wear while moving include masks, gloves, and shoe coverings. You can prevent yourself from bringing the virus into your home by using this kit.


2. Pack Everything Tightly


Pack Everything Tightly


Avoid last-minute shuffling around or throwing stuff randomly in bags and boxes on a moving day. Be organised and pack every item in the boxes and seal them with the tape. Make sure nothing is left loose, and your furniture and boxes are ready to pick up and move.


3. Use Only New Boxes 


Use Only New Boxes 


Studies show that the coronavirus lives for up to 24 hours on cardboard. So one of the home shifting ideas you can opt for is to buy new boxes. It is better to shell out the money rather than picking boxes randomly from shops.


4. Finish Packing Before 24 Hours Of Moving 

Finish Packing Before 24 Hours

Coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces including up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes. Thus, ensure that there are no living viruses on your boxes by moving day. Even though your movers will be wearing gloves, it is still better to have your boxes packed for everyone's safety.  Leave the stuff untouched for at least a day before your movers arrive.



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5. Disinfect After Moving 


Disinfect After Moving 


The most important thing to remember while shifting home is to wipe down everything after vacating. Stock on a disinfectant that will be suitable for killing germs on different surfaces including cardboard, plastic, glass, and metals without causing damage. It would be wise to make a list of things to disinfect and ensure that the right product is used to kill any bacteria or virus on their surfaces. After disinfecting, leave the items untouched for a few days to eliminate any possibility of contracting the virus.


6. Virtual Survey 


Virtual Survey 


Ask if the mover can perform a virtual survey of your belongings as opposed to an in-person survey. Avoid having people inside your home while virtual surveys. Provide a safe alternative to a home inspection or meet the best practices of social distancing.


7. Avoid Paperwork


Avoid Paperwork


There used to be a lot of documents and passing around pens prior to the coronavirus outbreak. This is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving during the coronavirus. Try to finish up the documentation and paperwork virtually before moving. 


8. Enquire About The Moving Companies’ Best Practices


Enquire About The Moving Companies


Make sure to ask a representative or go through the website for information about the truck rental company’s best practices. Verify if the truck rental company has “intensified” their sanitisation of equipment and offers “contactless products & services and direct shipping of supplies.” Do not get scammed with cheap services available for packing & moving and fall for low rates. Do your research to find good and reliable removals companies.


9. Maintain Hygiene At All Times


Maintain Hygiene At All Times


Besides taking essential precautions, such as hiring professionals and offering contact-less moving services, it is wise to maintain hygiene at all times when moving during a pandemic. Wash your hands frequently after touching any of the delivery packages, packing supplies, or the vehicle.

Make sure you sanitise yourself before entering the new house. Don’t shake hands with strangers or touch things that don’t belong to you. Keep disinfecting wipes, sanitisers, and cleaning supplies with you and use it whenever required.


10. Avoid/Reschedule If Necessary


Reschedule If Necessary


Moving during the pandemic could be an essential activity considering your lease agreement or emergencies. It is advised to be flexible during this tough time and be prepared to reschedule your move due to any unforeseen circumstances if required.


At the Bottom

It is manageable to move safely with proper planning, guidance, and awareness. If you are moving to a new home, then this COVID-19 moving guide with ten essential tips to be safe will tremendously help you.

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