Metro Boosts Real Estate in Pune

Pune's real estate market is widening its spheres and engaging in new and innovative possibilities. Pune is known as an educational hub and now as an important hub for the IT industry, this brings multiple employment and educational opportunities to Pune. Pune's growing migrant population necessitates a strong infrastructure as well as a variety of housing options (from premium to affordable). With the significant appreciation in Pune’s residential sector, the development of the metro will push it even higher.

Every corner of Pune has some or other important specification that makes that area the best place to live in Pune. Hinjewadi, the hub for employment, is located near Pimpri Chinchwad, and with the developments in Maha Metro, there is a rise in demand for 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Pimpri Chinchwad.

The goal of Maha Metro is to create an energy-efficient metro rail system by utilizing green energy. The Pune Metro aims to reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and road accidents, as well as travel time and costs. The metro trains are currently running on two routes: Vanaz to Garware College metro station and PCMC to Phugewadi metro station.

The Metro's Impact on Pune Real Estate

Pune has become one of the most happening places to live in! With the development of the metro in the area, it has received even more demand from the real estate industry. In this city of dreams where people live with big aspirations and aims to achieve in the future, the government is taking commendable steps to make that happen. Let's understand at what levels the emergence of the metro will impact the city!

Property Prices Have Risen

Residential Price Rise

The metro route passes through the majority of Pune's important residential and commercial areas. All these factors will lead to an increase in land value near the Metro Project. The metro route has a significant impact on property prices throughout the city. The Maha Metro's impact on the Pune real estate industry is clear, as land values have skyrocketed. The density of commercial establishments and city consumers surrounding the metro route will gradually increase the value of flats in Pune.

Socio-Economic Advancement

Urban transportation systems are critical to a region's socioeconomic development. Any location that is well connected to the rest of the city is more appealing than others. Residents on the outskirts will also see an increase in demand for accommodation and live in peace. Pimpri Chinchwad is one of the major metro stations of Pune surrounded by the IT sector and industrial area and the most convenient location for people to live.

Not only will real estate properties be developed, but new frameworks such as entertainment centers, shopping complexes, and restaurants will also be built to meet the needs of city consumers. All of this heightens the desire to live near such highly developed areas.

Advantages of a Good Mode of Transportation:

  • Improved connectivity
  • Elevated levels of urban mobility
  • City dwellers and tourists have an organized and convenient commute.
  • High-end amenities in the neighborhood IT Parks and business districts gradually sprout up transportation hubs nearby.
  • For intercity travelers for work, the metro will be useful in reduced travel time, lower vehicle costs, and increased transit option value.

Reduced Travel Time

City Connectivity 

Mobility and accessibility are two major factors that influence daily life. The faster the mode of transportation, the better. Nobody wants to spend hours on the road just to get to work or home. With infrastructural development and the rise in the population of Pune, traffic has become a major factor of concern. Getting stuck in that chaos every day is extremely tiring and frustrating. Here's where the metro will serve to be the most convenient mode of transportation. Having a home near the metro station will make it easier for the working population to utilize new facilities.

Better Quality of Life

Faster means of commuting means getting to the office/home early. Having the choice to reach home early gives you an enhanced quality of life. Getting more time to spend with family and friends will make you have a happier life.

The Maha-Metro Rail, which will soon be the primary mode of transportation for Pune residents, will undoubtedly benefit the city's real estate market. Kohinoor Shangrila in Pimpri Chinchwad has the best connectivity to the metro station. 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Pimpri Chinchwad will change your life completely as you will have a comfortable and convenient lifestyle here.


Choose a life you deserve and know the positive impacts of developments in the city that will directly or indirectly impact your life!

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