Tips for Luxury Retail Shop Owners in Pune - How Relocation Can Improve Your Sales?

Relocating involves a certain amount of risk, especially for a settled business. But while change is the only constant thing in life, evolution is necessary and equally crucial. Accordingly, relocating, especially for retailers, can refer to various sales and business expansion opportunities.

If you’ve been looking for luxury retail shops in Pune and relocating to another vicinity, it could be worth knowing these potential advantages that could positively impact your business.

4 Potential Benefits of Relocation for a Retail Business


Relocating for retail businesses, which pretty much rely on their store’s location for sales, can prove beneficial in many ways. However, the location choice also matters. Buying or renting a luxury retail shop in a strategically advantageous location in or near Pune may give their business the lift it needs.

  1. More Business Opportunities:

    One of the first and the most significant advantages is increased business opportunities. Relocating refers to a fresh beginning and rapid organic growth.

    However, the location’s business potential also matters. Accordingly, you must choose a location that suits your business and has the kind of customers you usually target. Relocating to a place that doesn’t hold any promise for your business or doesn’t have as many potential customers could prove disastrous.

    Hence, you must choose a location that neither affects your existing clientele nor darkens the future of your business with no potential clientele around.

  2. Better Access to Human Resources, Vendors, and Talent:

    Relocating also refers to getting access to a broadened talent and vendor base. A new location may have the talent you never came across or you could have never got while staying at the existing location. Of course, hiring new talent doesn’t mean you create inconvenience for your existing employees. Choosing a location that offers both benefits is the key to retention and broadening the talent base.

  3. Broadened Customer Base:

    While operating in a particular location for years, you might have grown your existing business. But what about expanding your business geographically, exploring new territories, and broadening your customer base?

    Businesses these days cannot survive and thrive without expanding their customer base. Companies that don’t expand their client base are likely to stagnate. Relocating to a potentially advantageous location allows you to widen your customer base. Your business or retail store becomes visible and accessible to a newer customer base. It could refer to increased business opportunities.

    Again, you must choose a location that doesn’t hurt your existing business. Given the situation, you must either select a location accessible to your existing customers or add another store at a new location if it is economically feasible.

  4. Possibly Lower Transportation Costs (Depending on the Location):

    This depends on where you relocate, although locating near the source may help reduce transportation costs. For instance, relocating from Pune to PCMC can mean newer business opportunities and, simultaneously, reduced transportation costs, especially if you procure goods from Mumbai.

    Besides, operating costs in PCMC are lower than in Pune. So, relocating could mean more savings in terms of operational costs and thus increased bottom lines!

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Considering Investing in a Luxury Retail Store in KWT on PCMC’s First High Street!

High Street View 

KWT is a massive, under-construction business landmark in PCMC near Pune. The project leverages various factors to prove itself as a fruitful hub for various businesses, including retail. It includes an excellent location with amazing connectivity, high-tech amenities, and enormous sustainable retail business potential.

KWT offers multi-sized luxury retail spaces and will feature PCMC’s first high street that would help encourage retail businesses. That makes investing in KWT a wise and promising investment proposition.

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