Moving to Luxury Office Spaces in Pune - Top 5 Industries That Can Benefit

Luxurious office spaces undoubtedly call for a substantial investment. But they are worth the investment as they benefit the tenant in many ways. First, they enhance the company’s reputation; second, they offer a glimpse of its investment capabilities; third, they signify the company’s approach towards its customers.

Apparently, a company from every industry can benefit by moving to luxurious office spaces in Pune. But some, especially companies that predominantly deal in B2B business, can help even more - considering the prospects and clients with which they work and the latter’s expectations concerning ambiance, class, and aesthetics

Let’s look at five industries for which moving to luxurious office spaces in Pune can prove advantageous in the long run.

5 Industries that can Benefit from Luxurious Office Spaces in Pune

Modern and luxury office space in pune 

With a mesmerizing ambiance, exuberant features, and a vibrant environment, a luxurious office can be a magical experience for prospects and clients. These industries, in particular, are more likely to benefit from plush office spaces.

  1. Information Technology

    IT companies that have various foreign delegates, associates, and clients visiting their office can make a mark with a luxurious office. Commercial properties that integrate the latest technologies like automation and provide innovative working spaces create an impression. Additionally, indirectly, they assure outsiders about the company’s approach towards its employees, their productivity, and the client’s success!

  2. Business Consulting

    Perhaps, compact yet luxurious and vibrant, business consulting companies require spaces that encourage innovation, intelligent thinking, and collaboration. Luxurious offices in Pune, designed and built with these factors in mind, can positively impact the business of consulting firms.

    Further, well-designed and adequately large cabins, which are essential features of luxurious offices, can help prospects discuss their business and needs with the consultants in private. Possible results may include increased conversions, higher return on investment for you as the consultant, and positive word of mouth.

  3. Banking and Finance

    Banks aren’t what they used to be a few decades ago. Those dark, cluttered, and congested spaces in which banks used to operate have become obsolete. They might have been acceptable to people back then. But contemporary customers are critical of such spaces.

    Today, customers demand fresh, cheerful, well-lit, and lavish office spaces. They need comfortable seats and space to move around from one counter to another. These factors may seem insignificant. But they count in the long run, as their absence may annoy and disappoint customers.

    Banking has become a highly competitive sector. If one doesn’t do what customers demand, the other would do it and pull all the business.

    Hence, banks must do what it takes to keep their account holders and investors happy. Luxurious office spaces can prove a significant factor contributing to the customer satisfaction endeavors of banks.

  4. Real Estate and Construction

    Real estate and construction are a couple of other sectors that can benefit from luxurious commercial properties in Pune. Here, there’s a psychological effect involved.

    Real estate and construction companies deal in properties and develop luxurious spaces. Hence, it is obvious that prospects and clients expect these companies to have elegant offices for themselves. Besides, a lavish and plush office indicates the company’s capabilities towards delivering its customers’ aesthetic needs and its capacity to invest in crafting visually appealing spaces.

    Overall, a luxurious office generates a positive vibe about the company and increases the customer’s willingness to partner with it.

  5. Corporate Office of Manufacturing Companies

    Many manufacturing companies, especially the global ones, build corporate offices apart from their manufacturing units. Often, the purpose is to receive prospective and existing customers in the office, conduct business meetings, sign business deals, organize training programs, etc. Besides, the corporate office is an opportunity for the company to showcase its achievements creatively to the world.

    Luxury certainly adds an element of delight to corporate offices of manufacturing companies. These offices create the first impression and let visitors catch a glimpse of the company’s approach and attitude towards them. Additionally, it exhibits the company’s financial capabilities and credibility. Again, it is the overall impact that matters here. People feel good and may even feel proud to partner with such companies. It includes vendors, associates, prospective employees, and clients.

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Kohinoor World Towers – A New Upcoming Destination for Luxurious Office Spaces in Pune


Fondly known as KWT: Kohinoor World Towers, which sold its Tower 2 a few months ago, is already creating news across Pune’s business circles.

The exceptionally unique under-construction project features five towers of 12 floors each and a high street (for the first time in PCMC near Pune). Besides, it offers intelligent and integrated multi-sized office spaces (ranging from 1,000 square feet to as large as 65,000 square feet) and a broad array of ultra-modern amenities such as a lavish lobby, large outdoor spaces, advanced security, high-speed elevators, etc.

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