Kondhwa, Pune: Area Overview

Kondhwa is a developing locality in the south-eastern precincts of Pune. In the 20th century, it was a semi-urban area, with small factories and some farmlands in its outskirts. For a major part of history, Kondhwa was just like any other lackluster semi-urban region of India.

A big leap forward in 21st century

With more investments pouring into Pune, especially in the real estate sector, Kondhwa gradually became a more prominent locality. Investors began to exhibit interest in the area, due to its strategic location and growth potential.

Recent Development

Kondhwa is fast emerging as one of the plushest localities in Pune. As most of the other regions in and around Pune are on verge of saturation in terms of real estate development, the main focus is resting on the immense potential of Kondhwa.

Reputable builders and construction companies in Pune have ongoing projects in Kondhwa that boast off strong financial and societal prospects in near future.

What Do Residents Say About the Place?




Any standard Kondhwa Pune area review speaks volumes about its qualitative aspects and praises the rich positive attributes of the area. People living there are happy about the peace and security of the place.

Moreover, the investors are satisfied with predicted returns on the money that they have already put in the real estate sector at the spot. The overall infrastructure of Kondhwa is of high grade and developing further. The place also has ample civic amenities serving the citizens.

An Excellent Area to Buy a New Home

Kondhwa is already being touted as a top-rated area is not only in Pune but in the state of Maharashtra for better real estate investment opportunities. The short answer to the query ‘how is Kondhwa area in Pune’ is that it is a fast-developing, high-value, metropolitan locale.

As a young investor, you can always consider Kondhwa to be a place where you can purchase a new home. Certified, world-class residential projects in the region welcome young working professionals and entrepreneurs for fresh investments; as such decisions ensure financial foresightedness from a practical perspective.


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Specific Reasons to Buy a New Home in Kondhwa

It is natural to ponder about the attractive features of an area where you want to invest in the real estate industry. Realizing your comprehensive investment plan requires building robust strategies and their appropriate implementation. Fortunately, there are some very good reasons to purchase a brand new home in Kondhwa, Pune.




  • Excellent connectivity features – There are several key highways and roads in proximity to the place. For example, NH65 known as the Katraj Bypass runs right through Kondhwa, besides the main artery of the locality, which is Kondhwa Road. Other primary roads in the area are NIBM road plus Bibwewadi Road. Pune Airport is only 14 km away from Kondhwa. The Pune Junction Rail Station is even at a lesser distance, located 8 km away from Kondhwa.
  • Close to IT hubs – As an IT professional, it would be quite convenient for you to a daily commute to your office, as the place is close to the Pune IT hubs. Moreover, you don’t have to counter any traffic congestions. No time is wasted in traveling.
  • Modern facilities around – There is no dearth of options in terms of good restaurants, hotels, reliable hospitals, posh shopping malls, etc in and around Kondhwa. You would never feel bored if you become a resident of this place. There are many clubs and entertainment sources across the region.
  • A safe and peaceful area – Possessing a residential property in Kondhwa Pune means you ensure an asset for your family and you, rejoicing the peaceful environment of the location.

Upscale Residential Projects in Kondhwa

By now, you should have got a fair idea regarding the sophisticated aspects associated with the Kondhwa region in Pune. Evidently, there are some distinct upscale resident projects being developed in the area.

One such example is the prestigious Kohinoor Reina. Located opposite Fakhri Hills, in the vicinity of NIBM road, the project is one of the best residential development initiatives, fulfilling the aspirations of your investors and prospective homeowners. It is undoubtedly one of the most illustrious new projects in Kondhwa with lucrative prospects of high ROI.


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The Opinion About Kohinoor Reina


Kohinoor SM Post March 2021-14-1

Among various residential projects in Pune, Kohinoor Reina is arguably the brightest jewel. From its strategic location, the refined spectrum of amenities, safety provisions, lush green environment to a high standard of comfort and sophistication, Kohinoor Reina is bound to win your heart.

Due to all obvious reasons, Kohinoor Reina’s review has a strong positive tone. For prospective homeowners and investors alike, the project presents excellent opportunities to create more financial value in the long run.

World-class Amenities Within Premises


Reina_LP Banner-02

Kohinoor Reina impresses you with its multidimensional attributes, ranging from eco-friendly architecture, a huge amphitheater within the property complex, drivers’ lounge, installed CCTVs boosting the security, water heaters run on solar power, inverter facilities, fire protection attributes, etc.

As already said, commuting to your office and back is quite easy and time-saving when you own a 2 BHK in Kohinoor Reina in Kondhwa in Pune. You would also find it quite comfortable to drop your kids to nearby prestigious English-medium CBSE schools. Spending a leisurely weekend in a shopping mall or at the cinemas becomes more enjoyable when you are a resident of Kohinoor Reina.

Buy your Dream Home

Invest in the wonderful real estate units of Kohinoor Reina in Kondhwa, Pune, ensuring a luxurious future for your family and yourself.



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