Kohinoor World Towers: New Commercial Project in Pune

The development of commercial real estate properties proves to be beneficial for a city and its people in many different were. In one way it happens to be one of the most imperative factors or drivers of growth and development. Such real estate development projects happen to be a great boost for the economy of the city.

On the other hand it happens to be a huge benefit for the commercial brands who are looking ahead to open their branches, showrooms and corporate offices within the city. The success of these commercial real estate properties happens to be dependent on a number of factors.

Just as their design and architecture of premium importance their location happens to be just as significant. The Kohinoor World Towers is one of the premium real estate projects that have been developed in Pune.

Introduction to KWT


KWT - Kohinoor World towers

The number of commercial property in Pune, PCMC is quite overwhelming. The Pimpri Chinchwad happens to be one of the commercial hubs of Pune and has a large number of corporate offices of a number of prestigious Indian and International brands. The nature, facilities and amenities of the region are one of the main reasons that attract such corporate brands for a long time now. However, the Kohinoor World Tower happens to be a tad different from all of them.

Developed by the prestigious Kohinoor Group in Pune, this commercial real estate property is premium and special in more ways than one. It is one of the new age commercial real estate projects that are meant to bring a long string of commercial brands under a single roof.

Features of KWT

In terms of its features the Kohinoor World Tower is one of the premium commercial properties in Pune. In this part of the discussion we will take a look at some of the special features of the construction.

1. Sprawling area

The entire project has been developed on a sprawling area of 9 acres. There are 5 towers in all and each tower has 12 floors. This huge area that has been brought under the construction plan aims at providing highly spacious and impressive commercial spaces to different brands.

This stands out as a huge attraction and a great feature that is quite enough to attract brands from different industries and companies of different scales and sizes.

2. Huge Variety


KWT Offices


Now when we say that the offices and the commercial spaces here are spacious and very attractive it should not be mistaken for the fact that the project lacks variety. In fact on the contrary the Kohinoor World Towers is a commercial real estate project that happens to provide a great variety to its patrons.

For all the brands that are looking for super spacious offices, the Kohinoor World Towers has just the right options. Once again on the other hand brands who are looking for smart showrooms and other branch outlets they too can find what they are looking for.

Hence it would not be too incorrect to point out that the Kohinoor World Towers is a place where there is something for everyone. The smart offices come with a floor area of 2000 sq feet.

3. Great facilities


Alfresco 01_1920x1080px

These days a commercial real estate property or project can never flourish and attract buyers if it is not providing all the required features and amenities. In this context, the Kohinoor World Towers happens to be a market leader.

The project has incorporated a large array of features and amenities within its scope. From spacious and smart parking system to a cafeteria zone, great access to the Pune Mumbai Road, the list of the amenities and the features of the place is quite unbelievable.


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4. Wonderful location

Talking about the location of Pimpri Chinchwad, the project could not have been developed in a better place. This place has a great connectivity with the rest of the city. Being one of the main commercial areas of Pune there are corporate establishments of many other well known commercial brands within nearby vicinity from the project.

This means now people who needs to visit this project can also cover their other work which lies in the same vicinity. Once again the other brands and the retail attractions of the place can act as a great force that will attract a large number of people in the times to come.

5. Super support for buying purposes

If you are looking for a commercial property for sale in Pune where the builders will provide a great support to their customers and will offer great customer service then there cannot be a better project than the Kohinoor World Towers. Being developed by the esteemed Kohinoor Group.

You can rest assured about the kind and the quality of support you are likely to receive from this group. They will not only help you to know all about the features and the benefits of the project but at the same time they will also help you with the price brackets as and when required.

How it is different from other commercial spaces in Pune


Streetview A 01_1920x1080px


As compared to the other commercial real estate projects that are coming up in the region the Kohinoor World Towers happens to be different in a great number of ways, in this context it can be said that the presence of the Kohinoor Group can make all the difference. The scale in which the project has been developed is one of the main aspects that differentiate the project from others in the area.

The Kohinoor World Towers happens to be the new age commercial property that aims at attracting not only the largest commercial brands of the nation and the world but also a large gamut of buyers, clients and visitors.

The project has been developed with this particular vision in mind. The Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad has been an industrial areas for a very long time now and thus project only adds to its importance.



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