Kohinoor Group Reviews: Happy Customers at Abhimaan Township: Part 1

Shirgaon is becoming the home of happy families. The origin of Pumbai and the dwelling of hundreds of dreams that have come true. Abhimaan Homes is a township built keeping the customer in mind. Kohinoor Abhimaan Homes is a 1 and 2BHK residential property project that stands as a jewel among all the other Somatne Phata properties.

Abhimaan homes is a 22-acre township that offers a fulfilling lifestyle experience with 700+ families. It truly is the definition of a big happy family. Keeping in mind all the needs of a household, all the amenities have been carefully chosen and crafted by our expert team of architects and builders. You get a diverse set of amenities here that will serve youngsters as well as senior citizens.

Below is are a few of the many amenities of Kohinoor Abhimaan Homes, Shirgaon:

  • Meditation Hall
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Tennis Court
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Clubhouse
  • Shopping Complex
  • Landscape Garden
  • Stylish Entrance Lobby
  • Net Cricket Pitch
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool

Kohinoor Abhimaan Homes is truly one big community that offers limitless joy to numerous households. And it is not just the Kohinoor family who believes this. Believe our customers enjoying their dream home through the following reviews:

1. Bhopade Family from Flat G-304

Kohinoor Abhimaan has been a welcoming hub to an easy lifestyle to the entire Bhopade Family living at Abhimaan Homes. Listen to Mr. Bhopade speak about what changed in his family and daily lifestyle after buying a home with Kohinoor.

Know more about how easy connectivity and the wide range of amenities have elevated his idea of happy living.



2. Ms. Rashmi Kamble from Flat B-502

Ms. Rashmi proudly boasts about the proximity with nature that she has experienced after joining hands with Kohinoor. We are glad that she speaks of her excellent reviews in her customer journey at Kohinoor and how our sales team has helped her tremendously on every step of her journey to buy a home.


3. Ms. Purva Patskar from Flat G-1002

Ms. Patskar is extremely content and impressed with the set of amenities and the kind of peace Kohinoor Abhimaan Homes offers to her and her family. She mentions all the points that she took into consideration before buying a house. Her major concerns were related to family living and she explains in the below videos how Abhimaan township and Kohinoor’s Sada Sukhi Raho philosophy has lived up to the mark for her.



4. Waghmare Family from H-1104

Mr. Waghmare is a working professional in Chinchwad and hence was looking for a home that will offer him excellent connectivity with his office as well as nature. He appreciates the location of Abhimaan Township and mentions how this locality has a growing future. Check Kohinoor Group reviews of Abhimaan Township from Mr. and Mrs. Waghmare.


5. Mundalik Family from Flat F-1101

Mr. Mundalik appreciates the services he received from the Kohinoor team and the support he experienced while buying a home here. Listen to him and Mrs. Mundalik review Abhimaan Township and how the nearby facilities have helped them maintain a happy family lifestyle.


Kohinoor Abhimaan reviews have overwhelmed us and the entire Kohinoor family. We ensure complete customer satisfaction through our residential and commercial properties. We believe in our Sada Sukhi Raho philosophy and shall consistently work towards making dreams come true.


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