Destined to Live in Pune: Exclusivity to Reside in Diversified Locations

Pune: a location that is a hub for several industries and serves as a pleasant place to live. People from various corners of the world look forward to living in Pune, a city  that opens up opportunities in professional life and enhances your standard of living. So are you an aspiring individual looking to start a new life in Pune? The Best construction companies in Pune are planning an exclusive lifestyle for you in their residential real estate projects. 

Kohinoor Group Pune is one of Pune's best construction companies that develops premium residential and commercial projects in Pune. Now the question arises, if you decide to start a life in Pune, what location would you prefer to live in? 

Locations Served by Construction Companies in Pune

Construction Company 

Pune is a wholesome place to live and is  hub for various industries like IT, education, finance, hospitality, real estate, etc. When you plan to buy a home in Pune, you gain access to all of these factors, allowing you to build a career, a profession, and a stable personal life.
Kohinoor Group is one of those construction companies in Pune that gives you a peaceful place to reside and start a new life. As a real estate developer, Kohinoor Group focuses on your requirements and plans for a life you would enjoy living in Pune. Here are some projects by Kohinoor in Pune:

Residential Real Estate Projects:

New Wakad 
Kaleido in New Kharadi 
Courtyard One in Wakad
Abhiman Township in Shirgaon
Presidentia in Sopan Baug Annexe 
Sportsville in Hinjewadi Phase 1
Jeeva in Bibwewadi 
Viva City in Dhanori
Shangrila in Pimpri

Commercial Real Estate Projects:

Future Investment in Real Estate 

KP Annexe
Kohinoor World Towers in Pimpri
B Zone Shivajinagar 

The above are a few projects by Kohinoor Group Pune, and also have many more other projects spread across Pune. When you choose to invest in a property in Pune may it be residential or commercial, the construction companies in Pune focus on giving you the best location, connectivity, premium amenities, and an uplifted standard of living. 

Living in Pune is a delightful experience and provides ease in your day-to-day lifestyle!

Life in Pune

Pune is a vibrant city with ample greenery and good connectivity. Pune is a hub for IT, education, hospitality, and a lot more. Life is easy going and gives you ample factors to focus on building your own way of living. The city attracts a lot of people from all over India and from other parts of the world. People wish to have a life that offers a good standard of living, convenient connectivity, ease in access to nearby facilities, modern amenities, and entertainment. After long working hours in the office, anyone and everyone is trying to find a peaceful corner in the world. That peaceful corner is Pune! 

Know all about life in Pune from our blog. Invest in the best real estate property in Pune by taking an informed decision. Kohinoor Group Pune, one of Pune's best construction companies, can help you find inspiration and plan your dream home. With Kohinoor, you can easily secure and upgrade your life.

Why Is Kohinoor One of the Best Construction Companies in Pune?

Kohinoor Group


Kohinoor Group Pune follows the motto “Sada Sukhi Raho” and spreads happiness in the lives of their customers by extending love and gratitude. Book a home with Kohinoor and avail best-in-class amenities, an uplifted lifestyle, and a peaceful abode for you and your family. 

Your home buying decision with Kohinoor makes it one of the most desired construction companies in Pune. Kohinoor also enlightens you by providing you all the necessary information and specifications related to all the projects on our website.  

One wise decision will help you have a mesmerizing life in the future. Investing in a real estate project at Kohinoor will give you a chance to start a new life in Pune. Visit Kohinoor Projects in Pune and get a chance to change the picture of your life here in Pune.

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