The Kohinoor Of Sus, Pune

Finding a perfect home is not really a small affair. Since a home is a property that you do not buy every second day and it happens to be a long term and one of the major investment options, the property in question must be analyzed in detail and must be considered from different angles. Hence finding the correct option might not be a cakewalk at all times.

However when in Pune, the options of such properties are never meager. For example, residential properties in sus Pune are some of the best in the city and can offer you all benefits in a single deal. One such project is the Kohinoor Emerald Sus. In the course of this discussion, we will take a detailed look at the project, its benefits, explaining why it can be one of the best options for you.

The Kohinoor Emerald

Kohinoor Emerald Sus Pune 

Kohinoor Emerald in the Sus Valley is one of the best of the new projects in Sus Gaon Pune. Developed by the esteemed Kohinoor Group – one of the biggest and most prestigious developers or Pune, this is one of the premium and yet most sought-after residential projects in pashan sus road. The Kohinoor Emerald is a residential real estate project that promises to offer holistic and super-luxury living in the region with your family. In the following part of the discourse, e will take a close look at this project.

Spacious Homes


If you are looking for spacious flats in Sus Pune with modern architecture, then the Kohinoor Emerald is just the project for you. The 2BHK and the 3BHK flats and apartments of the project happen to be more than spacious and highly modern in their floor designs and patterns. Occupants will experience absolutely modern-day architectural designs with these homes.

Children Playground

Children Playground at Kohinoor Emerald 

The project has been developed on a sprawling area, which means that there is ample space within the residential complex that surrounds the towers of the complex. There is a lot of space for children to play, run and have quality living and great physical exercise.

Outdoors Sports Activities for Adults


Adults too can indulge in quality outdoor games like tennis; can use the jogger’s area, meditation center, yoga deck, etc. These are some of the facilities that can be used to stay extra fit in the current times Corona. With all the stress of work from home and an otherwise static life, these facilities and features can be used to remain active and stay fit and healthy in the current times without flouting the rule of avoiding the masses and the public.

Indoor Game for All

Indoor Game at Kohinooor Emerald 

Kohinoor Emerald is one of the residential real estate properties that also presents a vast string of indoor games and fun activities like billiards, table soccer and so much more. This is a place that can be enjoyed by people of various ages who live within the complex. This is a fine space where you can enjoy with your friends from the complex and can enjoy good community life.

Party Lawn

There is also a party lawn within the complex of Kohinoor Emerald. There is also an adjoining barbeque center along with this space. This is one of the best places where you can enjoy a nice open party with your friends. This space can also be used for various forms of celebrations. Once again the space can be used to arrange for events and functions arrange within the closed community of the complex.

Stunning Natural Beauty

Stunning Natural Beauty 

One of the main reasons that explain the high demand for the 2 BHK flat in Pashan Sus Road is the beautiful natural location of the place. As explained by the name of the region the Sus is a valley region that is surrounded by hills and natural greenery on all sides. This is one of the most blissful places where you can live with your family and can rear your children. The climatic condition in this place is very soothing and happens to be rather conducive for healthy living.

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Super Connectivity With the Rest of the City

Location Connectivity 

Although the area o Sus Pashan happens to be very picturesque and is set in a nice natural ambiance yet the location is very well connected with the other parts of the city. The road network in the region happens to be very well designed and implemented. The people living in this area can enjoy a blissful location and yet is never too far away from the hustle of the main city.

Highly Safe Zone


The best aspect about this suburban region of the main city of Pune is that they happen to be rather safe and secure. No criminal or violent activity has been reported in the region in recent times. Even after dark, they are is considered to be safe and secure for one and all.

Great Schools


People staying here will face no problem in planning the schooling of their children. They are lined with some of the best schools and other educational institutes of Pune. Education available in this area is rather is of the best category. This is yet another reason why you can plan a long-term residence in this area.

Reliable Hospitals


In addition to good schools the region also has a number of reliable hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical clinics. This means that now the quality treatment of ailments is never too far away for the people who are living in this area.

Lovely Shopping and Entertainment Options

To live in an area comfortably you need shops and other market places in and around the area. This is one feature that is present in abundance and around the region of Sus-Pashan road. The area has great local markets, super shopping complexes, etc.



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