Kohinoor Connect 3.0: 40 Years of Success and Partnership

Kohinoor Group, awarded as Pune’s fastest-growing real estate developer by the prestigious The Economic Times of India has had a Lion’s share in transforming Pune’s urban landscape for over four decades. With a portfolio of over 45 successful projects and 19+ ongoing ventures, the group has delivered over 9 million sq.ft of developed spaces, positively impacting the lives of over 10,000 satisfied and happy families. Kohinoor Group, a leading name in the real estate sector, recently hosted the distinguished Kohinoor Connect 3.0 event at The Westin, a celebration and recognition of the collaborative efforts of key partners. The event, graced by luminaries such as the Chairman and Managing Director of Kohinoor Group, Mr. Krishnakumarji Goyal, and Joint Managing Directors, Mr. Vineet Goyal and Mr. Rajesh Goyal, showcased the transformative journey of India and Kohinoor Group showcased how Kohinoor Group over the span of 40 glorious years has not only transformed Pune’s skyline but has also built and nurtured strong bonds with its growth partners. 

As expected, Kohinoor Connect 3.0 received a grand response. The much talked about and the meticulously organised event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 900 participants. Kohinoor Group expressed its gratitude by honoring 63 outstanding partners with the prestigious Excellence Award, while others were acknowledged through a Certificate of Association for playing a significant role in making Kohinoor Group a household name. 

One of the many things that truly stood out was the captivating presentation by Kohinoor Group’s Director of Marketing, Mr. Sameer Desai. He highlighted Kohinoor Group’s achievements which he aptly termed as Kohinoor's "moonshot" moments, synonymous with and inspired by India’s successful moon mission that made the world take notice. And then there was an inspiring session where the honourable speakers, Mr. Krishnakumarji Goyal and Mr. Vineet Goyal, shared valuable insights into the Art of Shaking Hands. They expressed immense pride in the priceless contribution of their partners that has resulted in the humongous growth of Kohinoor Group. Kohinoor Group has always looked at Kohinoor Connect as a platform to strengthen relationships, appreciate and recognize contributors, and share updates and future plans, and Kohinoor Connect 3.0 did not turn out to be any different.
“Kohinoor Connect 3.0 is a reflection of our commitment to excellence with the connections we have forged with our key partners through the Art of Shaking Hands,” said Managing Director Mr. Krishnakumarji Goyal.

Adding to this, Joint Managing Director Mr. Vineet Goyal said, “We are immensely proud of the achievements that have shaped our journey and are grateful for the partnerships that have been integral to our success.”

As the group gets steady for the future with an array of futuristic residential and commercial developments, it aims to stay true to its objective of offering nothing but the best and aiding the growth of its valuable partners. 

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