Know the Happiness of Having Your Own Home: With Kohinoor Utsav

As the second wave of the Pandemic took a huge tide, we were hit on the back by poor healthcare facilities and chaos of emotions from everywhere. The positivity that has been keeping us sane took a massive setback this month. Yet, some of us stood back again and some even helped others stand back on their feet.

How likely is a global pandemic will remain a question for many? As the country still struggles to maintain the health of their loved ones, the only safe zone against this war of viruses is our home.

Why is Home the biggest luxury?


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Now more than ever, the four walls of our homes have proved to be the biggest protection for us. Our family and friends are within safe borders and nothing relieves us more than this fact.

Homes have proved to be not only the biggest luxuries but even dreams of people over centuries. The way we design our homes does surely speak about us, but what they communicate more is the proof of our well-guarded future.

You have your destination where you live on your terms always, a corridor for all your thoughts, activities, and defensive armors to come to rest. You can relax, work, learn and do almost everything from your home and you know you'll be safe. There are numerous ways to stay happy and healthy during lockdown if only your home protects you always.

Homes have turned out to be of utmost importance whether it is for an individual or a family. The times will be rough in the future too, but these four walls of brick and mortar will be the ones that stand by you as they are standing for you today.

Importance of owning your home.


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This one is a no-brainer. According to the recent news and the news we saw last year during this same period, it was the ones with rent agreements falling. When you own your own space, you have the liberty to live the way you want. A good home also shows you ways of how to enjoy life during the lockdown.

It is not only a future investment but a fruitful gift for the present living conditions of you and your family. Homes cater to your needs, they are customizable, you can decorate the way you want, you can move in and move out as per your choice, and there are numerous things to lay your hands on.

One of the biggest benefits is that if you live in your home it creates a luxurious lifestyle for you and when you are living away from home, the home acts as a beneficial investment. It is an asset everyone should own.

Guide to Pune’s Best Homes


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So, now you have decided to buy your own house and by far Pune seems the best option. Pune is ranked as the second most livable city in India. And it is no surprise because of the lush greenery surrounding the town, the excellent educational and professional opportunities, and advanced healthcare facilities. It is an ideal place to live for young and adults, for children and senior citizens.

But Pune is a massive city and wanting to have a wide variety of choices is natural. Hence, Kohinoor Group Pune comes into the picture to become the hub of the city’s happiest families.

Kohinoor Family has been serving Pune for the last 37 years now and will continue to do so in the future. Hence, to offer families amazing home buying opportunities in one place, we are coming up with a new event.

Presenting Kohinoor Utsav

Kohinoor Utsav is Pune’s Biggest Online Property Expo.

Yes, you heard it right. The expo of some of the best homes in Pune spread across a wide variety of locations is online. 9 Projects from premium to lifestyle spread across 8 prestigious locations of Pune and only 1 Hub for best home-buying deals.

A few of the many luxury residential projects on display in Kohinoor Utsav are:

Abhimaan Township, Shirgaon



Located in the west of Pune, this township is well-known for its excellent connectivity and serene surroundings. Kohinoor Abhimaan Homes offers 1, 2, and 3BHK homes to families along with 15+ Modern lifestyle amenities. These homes are best suited for young parents, IT professionals, and even senior citizens.

The project is made in such a way that all its aspects from project layout to floor plans, and from amenities selection to essential facilities, all serve best to any kind of family.

Here are some review of Abhimaan Homes residents:




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Kohinoor Coral, Hinjawadi Phase 3


Kohinoor Image_Coral Banner

Looking for 2BHK Flats in Hinjewadi? This is your address. Kohinoor Coral offers Nature-view homes best suited for professionals. This project is best known for its choice of amenities and connectivity. The project is very close to numerous IT hubs and business parks making it an ideal location for job hunters to reside in.




Apart from these Kohinoor Coral Hinjewadi even offers a majestic view and premium lifestyle experience through its entrance lobbies, corridors, etc. To know more, visit our Utsav today.

Kohinoor Sapphire 2, Tathawade


Kohinoor_Sapphire 2

Kohinoor launched Sapphire 1 a few years ago, and we were welcomed with instant bookings. Our forever happy customers might be able to tell you more about their experience at Sapphire.




As we realized many have missed the opportunity, we decided to launch a similar yet better project in the same locality. Kohinoor Sapphire 2 Tathawade is a hub of extreme luxury. With Sapphire 2, you have the opportunity to live brighter each day. This hub of premium 2BHK homes is a golden investment for the future.

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To know more about Kohinoor Utsav and other residential projects, click the link here.



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