The Journey of Buying Homes Online

Since the Jio boom, the Indian online retail industry has snowballed, and after the Covid crisis, it gained the remaining mileage. But if you think that this is just because of sheer convenience, then you are wrong. Factors like no real estate costs, enhanced customer service, mass customization, global reach, niche marketing and specialized stores played a significant role in the growth of online shopping in India.

Covid-19 Impact On Online Shopping In India


impacy of covid 19 on online shopping

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Now, in the current scenario, you can purchase almost anything on the big wide internet, starting with groceries, medicine, apparels, furniture, electronics, books, greeting cards, to cell phones; everything can be bought online. But this is not it!

Due to the heavy restrictions on movement during lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, the service industry also shifted to online deliveries, resultingly, online doctor consultation, virtual site visits, virtual sales calls and many more examples filled in everyday life.

So it can be easily said that the overall internet and Covid-19 impact on online shopping in India have been terrific. But one sector which acted as an underdog in the initial years of the Internet boom took over the house during and after the first wave of the Corona Pandemic.

Yes, you guessed it right. It's residential real estate. You would be surprised by the Google search volume of the keyword 'how to buy a house online'. It literally hit the millionth mark.

The Subtle Shift To Online Mediums


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People realized the importance of owning their homes, and the idea re-established itself amid the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, people also came face to face with the risks that come with living in a rented space.

Against popular belief - Can you buy a house online? A lot of people are consulting property experts and are eager to buy a house online because of its incredible benefits.

Their hesitation has also been lifted by online property listing platforms, smartphone apps, and virtual reality tools, where they can search the neighbourhood, compare prices, watch 2D and 3D layouts, complete a virtual site visit and even talk to property experts for free.

The increased pressure on the market due to Covid Crisis has been coupled with the widespread adoption of tech tools. And these easily accessible tools are allowing buyers not just to browse real estate but also apply for loans, finalize deals and even have documents notarized, all while social distancing from their couches.


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Pune’s Biggest Virtual Property Expo



Having said that, The Kohinoor Real Estate Group from Pune launched Pune's biggest virtual property expo- Kohinoor Utsav. It's an online property expo where you can explore, compare and buy the home of your dreams at a location of your choice. This end-to-end online expo is showcasing nine fantastic properties for sale in some of the finest residential pockets of Pune City.

While the Kohinoor Real Estate Group is already known for its high-quality construction and thoughtful amenities, what truly sets its world-class projects and flats in Pune apart from the rest is - 'Sada Sukhi Raho' philosophy, a promise to deliver 100% delight.

So if you're someone who is looking for a property for sale in Pune, don't delay anymore. Register yourself for this amazing online property expo. While the virtual visit will replicate the same feeling of being at an actual event, the incredible deals and special offers such as Instant Home Loan e Sanction, Flexi Payment Plan, 50% Saving On Stamp Duty and Ten Gram Gold Coin will fulfil your long-cherished dream of buying a home.

Kohinoor Utsav began on May 28th, 2021. To get yourself in, visit Kohinoor Utsav.


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