BT Kawade Road: Is It a Good Area for Real Estate Investors?

The Bhagwan Tatyasaheb Kawade Road, also known as the BT Kawade Road in Pune, is one of the most promising neighbourhoods in downtown Pune for real estate investment. But, really how and why? Interested to find out?

Let’s go.

BT Kawade Road Area Connectivity

Maan Area Connectivity 

BT Kawade Road is well connected to the rest of the city by an extensive system of roads and connecting motorways. This is one of the primary factors that has resulted in a large number of real estate developments in the area.

People who live in the area's residential complexes enjoy excellent access to the city's other major areas. This allows residents of the area to move around freely and travel using either private or public transportation.

The region is also close to Magarpatta and is a popular residential area for professionals of the new age. The NIBM Road on the south and the MG Road on the west provide excellent connectivity to the rest of the city.

Furthermore, the Ghorpadi Road connects BT Kawade Road to the Pune railway station. The Pune train station is around 6 kilometres away from BT Kawade Road, and the Pune International Airport is only 7 kilometres away.

Conveniences in BT Kawade Road Area

PCMC Area Amenities 

People or inhabitants in urban areas require a variety of additional facilities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, marketplaces, restaurants, multiplexes, banks, ATMs, and offices, among other things. These are some of the factors that contribute to a residential project's increased demand. And residents at BT Kawade Road have easy access to a wide range of such facilities. Let's take a look at a few of them. 

  • Educational Institutes: The Clara Global School, EuroKids Pre-School, Vibgyor High School, Mentor International School, and Army Public School are among the many good schools for children in this neighbourhood.
  • Healthcare Institutes: Residents of the neighbourhood have access to a number of high-quality medical facilities, including Birajdar hospitals, Jehangir hospital, Villoo Poonawalla memorial Hospital, Chaitanya general Hospital, and Lotus hospital. All of these hospitals in BT Kawade Road are within an 8-kilometre radius of each other.
  • Shopping Zones: Reliance Mart, Big Bazaar, and Krome Mall are easy to get by. Aside from these, there are local markets that sell all of the necessities on a daily basis.
  • Entertainment Opportunities: The region offers a variety of entertainment options, including great multiplexes, eating establishments, and cafes, among others. People from all around the city frequent some of the best eateries on BT Kawade Road.

Why Investing in a Real Estate Project in BT Kawade Road is a Great Idea?

Invest In Home 

A cursory inspection of the area reveals that it has quickly become one of the city's most popular real estate development areas. Several large-scale residential real estate projects have sprung up in various parts of this neighbourhood. Plus, some of the city's most well-known builders have invested in turnkey projects along BT Kawade Road.

Flats in BT Kawade Road Pune are considered to be extremely profitable real estate investments that come with a slew of advantages. These advantages are established in the location as well as the available amenities. As stated at the outset of this article, BT Kawade Road is located in the heart of Pune. It has a number of features that encourage urban settlements to be self-sufficient. These facilities can be a major help in ensuring that residents of these residential projects have a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

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Types of Investors Who Can Think of BT Kawade Road as an Investment Option

It is a neighbourhood with a lot of possibilities for everyone. Whether you are a retiree or a working professional with a family, the area may provide you with a wonderful life.

As it is in the heart of the city, IT professionals, other working professionals and most kinds of businesspersons can consider buying a home here. If you are an investor who is looking for great price appreciation in the next 3 to 5 years, you should definitely consider buying a home in this neighbourhood.

The 2 BHK & 3 BHK in BT Kawade road for sale are the most popular investment opportunities for investors.


Many luxury residential buildings in Pune are located in the BT Kawade neighbourhood due to the huge advantage of the location. The majority of residential real estate projects in the region are classified as ace and high-end, and they draw buyers from all across the city, as well as the state.

The return on investment of houses in the region is projected to rise in the future, given the region's extensive list of facilities and amenities. The area has grown significantly in recent years and still has a lot of room for growth. Investing in a real estate project in the region now and in the future appears to be a very rewarding and brilliant idea.

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