How Residential Projects Have an Underlining Impact on Its Neighbourhood?

Where do you live?

What is the nearest landmark?

How far is your office from your home?

How far is your home from mine?

Have you heard such questions earlier? Yes, right?

This is the importance of location when you are buying a home! While buying a home, you should know WHY to buy in a particular location before making your purchase. It is a good habit to research what’s next to your door. Your neighbourhood carries a lot of importance as it reflects your lifestyle. It is a community that we live in!

Your neighbourhood defines your life and has an impact on your family. A residence is expected to be situated in a place that has the warmth of society, has culture, has people with whom you can connect well, has excellent connectivity for your needs, and has developed infrastructure to make your life easy to live. To have everything in place, you ought to know the key factors in the neighbourhood that have an underlining impact on your life. Kohinoor Presidentia is one of the best luxury residential projects in Pune and has all that you expect in a home!

The Importance of The Neighbourhood in Residential Projects

Residential Projects in Pune

Most people tend to gravitate towards areas that are populated with people who have a similar lifestyle to what you want for yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, the environment has a significant impact on an individual's happiness and well-being, and new luxurious housing projects in Pune are taking all these important factors into account to provide you with the life you deserve.

Livability in The Area

This is a basic and principal factor that impacts residential projects. The livability of the area matters the most! As an individual, you have a vision of your life in your mind and a plan to lead it. It is prudent to relocate to a neighbourhood where most of the residents share your lifestyle preferences. For families looking to live in the heart of the city, luxury apartments in gated communities are the best option. The other residents will live in a similar manner, allowing you to blend in seamlessly. The residential projects have fantastic facilities that are suitable for both adults and children.

Pune has always been the hub for the military and is a preferred location for military personnel as the city is a blend of splendid city life and serenity. Also, the city has excellent facilities like turf clubs, RSI, army public schools, sports clubs, army hospitals, social groups, etc. for them to have a peaceful life during and post service. When like-minded people reside together, they get a chance to blend and lead a secure life. Kohinoor Presidentia has flats for sale in Sopan Baug Annexe.

When Location is The Pride Factor

There is something immensely powerful about living in a wonderful neighbourhood. The recognition that comes with living in a particular neighbourhood provides automatic access to niche social circles. Such places have residents who care about the community and the space they live in. Location not only circles you with like-minded people but also connects you to a professional and educational community and bonds you with respectful associations.

A Future for Your Kids


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Educational institutions are looking for better neighbourhoods. At such schools, the children are exposed to other children from similar backgrounds. It's not just schools; Sapan Baug annexe neighbourhoods are also close to prestigious colleges and universities. At Kohinoor Presidentia, these are typically within walking distance or a short drive from your home.

Where Health is a Priority

A good neighbourhood has access to emergency services such as healthcare. They can be within walking distance or a short drive away, but no further. This is especially important for families with children and the elderly, as they are more vulnerable to health problems. Families with a military background also get easy access to army hospitals. Home at Sopan Baug annex gives flexible access to the best healthcare facilities.

Where Transport isn’t a Factor to Worry

While everyone owns a car, it is critical for a good neighbourhood to have access to public transportation such as the metro, railways, bus station, and airport. Kohinoor Presidentia at sopan baug annexe provides you with a wide range of travel options like upcoming metro stations, airport, etc.

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Family friendliness is one of the characteristics of a good neighbourhood. A well-composed neighbourhood gives a peaceful life experience for all and makes the place worth living in. Apartments in Kohinoor Presidentia can provide you with a safe social circle and a wonderful lifestyle. 2 BHK flats in sopan baug annexe Pune are most preferred by military personnel in Pune as they look for a home that has a city vibe and also has secluded nature.

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