How Is Sus Area In Pune For Real Estate Investment

In the blinding city lights of Pune, we all need a place of calm. A place where you can sit back, relax, make memories with your loved ones, take a rejuvenating break from work, or a day off from your hectic schedule sometimes.

Our lives have been on the spin wheel forever, and in times like these, an easy, laid back, or even peaceful lifestyle becomes a question few can answer. Living by nature and its wonders have become a dot in the mountain, miles away from us.

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However, every dark cloud has a silver lining. In the busy streets of Pune, this bright side is the SUS area. Earlier a village, Sus has very recently knocked on the doors of urbanization. People have started building their lifestyles around this area and infrastructure has massively increased. As the core of Pune City becomes more chaotic by the second, Sus is an option that gives the luxury of peace.

Home-buyers are shifting their interests here and as one of them yourself, you should know why?

Why Choose Sus For Real Estate Investment In Pune?

Sus Pune

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As a real estate investor, there is an unending list of parameters that you have to consider while buying a house. Sus Gaon, Pune however will make the list easy to decode. This area is becoming an ideal investment option due to its rising demand and affordability.

Sus lies in the northwest of Pune and comes under the governance of the Pune municipal corporation. The area is a valley, surrounded by Pashan hill, Lavale hills, Baner hill, etc on all sides. Hence, Sus becomes the perfect living area for nature-lovers.

Sus is also well known for its proximity to key areas and connectivity. The Dehu Katraj Highway passes through this area making it very easy for the residents to connect with the core of Pune City. The Mumbai Pune Expressway is also close to Sus, Pune. Hence, the daily commute becomes easier for businessmen and working professionals.

Sus: Area Scan

If we take a closer look, Sus is not only about nature and connectivity. The area also dwells multiple hospitals, schools, shopping centers to make living easier and handy for its residents.

Check The Sus Area Connectivity Below:


Sus Hospital Pune

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Healthcare is not a luxury, it is a basic necessity. In a city so huge, getting to the closest and best healthcare facility can get tedious in terms of time. Your residing locality needs to have genuine facilities which offer excellent healthcare services. Fortunately, at Sus, you are not far away from help for your health. Below are the hospitals you shall find here:

  • Symbiosis Hospital, Lavale
  • Unique Multispeciality Hospital
  • Asian Speciality Hospital
  • Sus Hospital
  • Prime Multispeciality Hospital


ISB & M School of Technology Pune

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Being a family man/woman, close-by education centers is also of utmost importance. The education you provide to your child will be shaping his/her future ahead. Hence, only top-quality education should the one you seek for your offsprings. Even as a young parent, it is not just preschool you look for in a locality; primary, high school, junior college, graduation college, is something you should be looking at if you want to see the bigger picture. Living at Sus, these are the education facilities that will be easily accessible:

  • Shri Shri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
  • Kidzee Preschool
  • Podar Jumbokids
  • Oxford International Public School
  • Symbiosis, Lavale
  • ISB&M School of Technology

Shopping Centres:

Westend Mall

Recreation is a part of life, and shopping is the biggest part of recreation for many. Sus area does not stay far behind when it comes to entertaining those living in the area. Here’s what will be near to you as a resident of Sus:

  • Westend Mall
  • Primrose Mall
  • Aditya Shagun Mall

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Work Hubs:

Hinjewadi IT Sector Pune

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The place you travel to every day is your working space. Big cities are glamorous sure, but they also mean most of the shimmer comes from the lights stuck in traffic. And most individuals want work to be as close to home as possible. As a working professional, Sus gives you close access to the Business hubs of Pune as well as Pimpri Chinchwad and a much easier commute to Mumbai, if needed. The hubs that will be in your vicinity are:

  • Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park
  • Panchshil Tech Zone
  • Embassy Tech Park

This was Sus in a blink of an eye for you. Perfect for nuclear and large families, working professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and even nature lovers. Build a future in an area that will cater to your need today and tomorrow.

Launching Kohinoor Emerald, Sus

Kohinoor Emerald Sus

Home buying confusion gets a lot easier to solve with our new project launching in Sus. Kohinoor Emerald is situated in the heart of Sus valley offering you a premium lifestyle amidst nature. These luxury homes are equipped with only the branded facilities, maintenance services, complete security, and high-class amenities.

Emerald also has its way of surprising you. Among all the other new residential projects in Sus Gaon, only Emerald offers you numerous amenities that are located on the terrace. Now you can relax with a view. Kohinoor Emerald is one of the very best among the new projects in Sus Gaon, Pune. So if you are looking for a 2BHK flat in Sus Gaon Pune, you know where to come.



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