How Global Brands Get the Best Commercial Property for Corporate Office in Pune?

If you want to go global, you must think like global companies. Of course, your efforts to grow your business will always matter. But your global strategic thinking would help you achieve a competitive edge. 

The same logic applies while choosing corporate offices in Pune. Global companies carefully consider factors that help them make a strategically advantageous choice. The factors aren’t out of the world. But the meticulous approach of MNCs helps them make beneficial and sustainable choices. 

5 Factors Global Brands Consider While Choosing Corporate Offices in Pune


From a strategic location to microscopic elements like employee convenience, global brands delve into every consideration to make a perfect choice. 

  1. Strategic Advantage of the Location

    First things first. Location is the foremost factor that global brands consider while choosing a commercial office space in Pune. But they don’t choose just any location because it is prime. Global brands choose what’s important to them, which would prove strategically advantageous. 

    • This strategic thought process involves various factors. Some of them include
    • Accessibility and connectivity (local as well as intercity)
    • Airport proximity and commuting convenience
    • Distance from the nearby industrial areas (especially in the case of manufacturing companies with production units in industrial areas)
    • Employee transportation and traveling time (based on the talent hotspots chosen)
    • Local prospect convenience
    • Prominence and visibility
    • Location’s status

    The factors vary from business to business. For instance, retail brands will also examine the walk-in business potential to begin sales as quickly as possible. 

  2. Customer Convenience

    We spoke about customer convenience above. But what does that mean? It refers to a location that is convenient for customers to reach. It isn’t only local accessibility, intercity commuting convenience, time, and infrastructure.  

    For instance, proximity and the approach time to reach national highways or roads to the international airports or local railway station.  

    IT companies, global banks, and consulting firms have many foreign delegates visiting them weekly or monthly. Accordingly, they must choose a location that doesn’t require their prospects, who’ve already traveled thousands of miles, to cut through the traffic and make a herculean effort to reach their destination. 

    It might not directly drive the customer’s choice whether to deal with a particular company or not. However, offices at convenient locations signify a company’s approach towards prospect and client convenience. It is precisely the approach that can catalyze choices and drive business. 

  3. Office Design and Layout

    A local layout with a global expectation – doesn’t work! Global companies need to choose office layouts that match global expectations and standards. Office designs, layouts, external structure, etc., all are part of the thought process of a global brand. They make choices aligned with their global commercial, strategic and environmental objectives. 

  4. Employee Engagement and Retention Opportunities

    While considering what’s convenient for the customers, global enterprises also factor in employee comfort. They primarily think about two aspects.  

    The first is employee commuting convenience and options. The second is buying well-designed spaces that make the workplace vibrant and healthy for employee engagement and retention. 

    Office conveniently located and in locations that offer multiple commuting options form a prospective employee’s first choice. Later, the overall office setup, layouts promoting collaboration, presence of natural air and light, etc., contribute to employee engagement and retention. 

    Yes. Global brands think that deeply when it comes to choosing an office location. They choose what it takes to live up to their reputation and provide an excellent working environment for everyone associated with them.  

  5. Nearby Infrastructure

    In a dynamic business environment, where time is the most valuable asset, you cannot take your prospects to a restaurant a few miles away from your office. Prospects and clients also wouldn’t want to waste time traveling to that place.  

    Global brands think about this as well. So, they choose locations with global standard infrastructure like restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc., where they could quickly take their guests. Even better if the commercial complex has an uptown restaurant within its premises. It could work as an added advantage!

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KWT – The Business Destination for Global Brands!

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), Pune 

KWT isn’t merely another commercial complex added to Pune’s business horizon. It is a strategic business destination that scores high across every aspect. The business hub is strategically located in PCMC near Pune. Its proximity to PCMC metro station, industrial areas around PCMC, Pune’s IT hub, and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway make it an ideal choice for global brands to set up their office. 

KWT features world-class amenities, global standards office layouts, unmatched construction quality, and futuristic space designs. As the commercial landmark of Pune and PCMC, KWT offers business spaces for retail, banking, IT, consulting, restaurants, fitness centers, and many other businesses. 

Think global and choose global. Book your corporate office space in Pune at KWT now!

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