Homes that Secure Your Lifestyle

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back” 

- Wendy Wunder 

HOME | ABODE | DWELLING | NEST all these mean the same thing but reflect different emotions as we express it. You and your home consist of the same energy and your home perfectly reflects your personality in the way you design it, by the way you express it through objects, by the location you choose to live in and all the other choices you make.  

Have you ever considered why and how does this happen? 

Let's understand it with an example, when you are in love with someone, the first thing you like about your partner is the similarities and choices. When you and your partner share a set of similar traits you bond together at ease. Not all tastes are the same but still you connect with each other with some energy in you. People refer to you as soulmates, perfect for each other, made of each other and a lot more stuff. 

Similarly, when you start residing in your home it shapes like you, it feels like the home was perfectly designed just for you, and you are made for each other. You are always happy when you get up from your own bed, you are always satisfied with the surroundings, and you always try to beautify your home and pamper it with décor. In return your home secures you from the world outside, gives you a corner in the world where you are safe and can sleep stress-free, raise your children and be happy.  

The more you plan for your dream home, the more it takes you towards finding your perfect place. Here's where Kohinoor Group Pune brings all your dreams to reality by helping you choose the best.  

“We shape our Homes and then our Home shapes us.” 

- Winston Churchill 

So, how do homes shape us? 


Your home always waits for you to return and gives you the most comfortable space where you are yourself and there is no pretendence. Home is where you are secure and sound, it is where you are at your best, it is where you can be weak, it is where you are safe, it is where you wish to start your family and then people know you by your home.  

How does home secure us? 

Home is not just 4 walls forming to create a structure, it is a space on this planet that you can call your own. You cry, you laugh, you get angry, you plan, you grow, you succeed, and you do all this when you have a home that tells you I AM HERE FOR YOU! Imagine a life without a home? What would you do when you are surrounded by people all the time and there is someone or the other person constantly watching your actions? Very uncomfortable right?  

Here's where you understand how your home gives you a life where you are secured by it. From a tiring day at work, what is it that you constantly think about? It’s only about going home! This is the importance of having a home.  


How about planning a home at Kohinoor Group’s Viva City? 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Dhanori. Secure your life by having a peaceful abode in the most happening place in Pune.

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