Introduction to Green Zoning

Green zones are stationary or floating districts established by a local government to promote sustainable practices, reduce environmental impacts, and revitalize a community. Green zones are areas that allow local governments to focus on a variety of issues related to sustainability. A local government, for example, may use green zones to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce pollution, and/or provide affordable housing and long-term jobs. Green zones can be created in a variety of ways, such as by zoning a specific area as a stationary "Green Zone," or by drafting green zones to create floating zones, which a neighborhood can seek redress to adopt. 

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Green zones can also be used as a testing ground to see if a regulation will benefit the city through a pilot project. Green zones can be used as a test bed for new sustainable strategies. When a local government establishes a green zone, different stages of implementation allow resources to be added where needed, allowing the government to assess the zone's needs in order to benefit the new green zone. Green zones should be implemented in a way that allows local governments to track their effectiveness. Phases can be used by the government to fully understand the impact. Formation, assessment, development, and management phases are examples of phases. Green zones can be used for a variety of zoning types, including residential and commercial. 

Effects of Implementing Green Zoning 

Effects of Implementing Green Zoning 

As green zones are a flexible zoning tool that can assist local governments in meeting a variety of challenges, the potential effects of green zones can be vast and varied depending on the desires and needs of the local community. Green zones, for example, can help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mitigate damage to watersheds, create jobs, promote healthier lifestyles, reduce waste, and revitalize underserved districts or areas. Green zones can also increase office and residential floor space while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Green zones can also help to promote equality by creating job opportunities and investment opportunities in socially and economically diverse areas, thereby reducing the number of displaced workers. 

Investment that Inspires You to a Sustainable Lifestyle! 

Elements of Urban Forest @Kohinoor Kaleido in New Kharadi:  


Native Planting Bamboo Grove Fruit Orchards 


Eco Pond Water Management Swimming Pool 


Sunlit Homes Camping & Bonfire Solar Water Heating 


Cross Ventilation Wide Open Spaces Unadulterated Air 


Club & Party Lawn Sports Amenities Pets' Park 

Kohinoor Kaleido

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