Experience “Life” in the Upcoming Silicon Valley of India

Have you heard about “Silicon Valley”? Yes, it is a place located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Silicon Valley is the hub of the world’s largest technology corporations as well as thousands of new technology startups. Silicon Valley includes various headquarters as well as offices and apartments with ‘n’ number of high-tech businesses and startups. Silicon Valley has been recognized in the past few years for innovation, development, and technology. Just imagine the life of the people living in this area. Doesn't the idea of living in such a developed and reputed place like Silicon Valley sound amazing?

So, do you want to live in a location like Silicon Valley, in India? Yes, you read it right – “in India”. Hinjewadi – the place located in Pune City is no less than a Silicon Valley in itself. Hinjewadi is one such location that offers and provides a string of various super facilities to the residents who are living in this vicinity. This is one of the main reasons for people to invest in the upcoming residential projects in Hinjewadi Pune.

Investing in the Real Estate of Hinjewadi

Invest In Home 

There are various benefits for the people investing in the real estate of Hinjewadi. This area is full of developed organizations and ad-tech hubs. Hinjewadi is a growing modern suburb with a high concentration of various tech hubs and companies as well as various reputed business parks. Hinjewadi is considered to be really lucrative and a great investment opportunity as people can live a comfortable and luxurious life. Just imagine you stepped out of your home and you reached your office within a few minutes. Yes, it is possible! You can live near your workplace by exploring residential flats in Hinjewadi phase 3.

Get to experience the perfect life of Silicon Valley in India. Hinjewadi is not only a business park and entrepreneurial hub but many civic amenities are easily available in this location. All basic amenities such as schools, hospitals, colleges, markets, as well as malls are available in the Hinjewadi location of Pune. It is considered as the Western Metropolitan Corridor of Pune City. It has a lot of various beautiful as well as well known places such as Xion Mall, Mahatoba Mandir, JW Marriott, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Tripadvisor, and so on.

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Connectivity and Social Life

Maan Area Connectivity 

Hinjewadi is located on the western side of the Wakad area. You can easily connect to the national highway within no minutes. There could be traffic in peak hours and for which a metro route has been suggested by PMRDA from Hinjewadi to Shivaji Nagar. Hinjewadi is even the best option for a better living as the roads are well connected to the industrial hub, and there are easy availabilities of public transports as well as the place is very close to various weekend getaways such as Lonavala, Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, and many more tourist attractions. The airport of Pune is at a distance of about 28 km from the Hinjewadi area. It is also in close proximity to various key destinations of Pune city such as Shivaji Nagar, Baner, Kothrud, and many more.

The Most Appealing Location of Pune


Hinjewadi real estate development 

Hinjewadi has lots of benefits and facilities that other projects or properties do not have. Right from basic amenities to luxurious amenities, in the Hinjewadi location, you will almost find everything. When it comes to buying flats or perfect homes in Pune, Hinjewadi has a different appeal compared with other projects or properties in Pune city. If you are looking for a long term settlement, Hinjewadi is the most reliable investment opportunity. Hinjewadi has witnessed huge growth, development as well as the emergence of various corporate settlements, especially the IT parks & corporate headquarters. Thus, it is not only beneficial for the residents purchasing the property it is even beneficial for the real estate developers. It has been an ideal location for builders to make the most reliable investments. In the near future, there will be an increase in the newer projects coming up.

Considering the growth and development in Hinjewadi the properties will provide you with the best and comparatively high reselling profits. Hinjewadi offers you all the basic amenities, education facilities, employment opportunities that you need for a better lifestyle and a comfortable living. Even if you are not looking for a long-time settlement option and just want the property as an investment opportunity, Hinjewadi is the most reliable investment opportunity.

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Considering the Covid-19 Scenario


Covid-19 Scenario 

Even though some offices might be shut today, it’s about a matter of time until they're open. The hustle-bustle will be back when the offices will reopen. Waiting in the long bus stop lines or else waiting for the train or cabs is so annoying. Dealing with terrible traffic or else saving yourself up some time to allocate it for your loved ones should be the ideal priority. Facing all of these struggles, only to reach your office is very much exhausting right? Hinjewadi provides you the ideal solution, offices are located nearer from the flats and residential areas as it is the “Business Hub”. There are lots of benefits of living closer to your office such as time, saving money saving and the most important – work-life balance. Living in the flat closer to your office makes so many things better. For example - You can focus on your office work without being stressed about reaching late to home and you can also utilize this time for other better things in life.

Do you want to own a house in this Silicon Valley of India – Hinjewadi? If yes then you should definitely check out this amazing new project by Kohinoor developers in Hinjewadi, Pune. Hinjewadi is all about to become the “Silicon Valley” of India and due to this, the demand for Hinjewadi is increasing day by day. So, before it gets out of budget just buy your dream house in Hinjewadi now!


Kohinoor Coral, Hinjewadi, Pune 

Just buy any property as per your convenience as there are many 2 bhk flats in Hinjewadi Pune for sale. Kohinoor Coral – the new project by the Kohinoor Developers adds more grace as well as comfort to your lifestyle. It is an ideal premise for a premium 2 bhk flat in Pune Hinjewadi Phase 3. Get quick access to an easy and hustle-free lifestyle that will provide you with great comfort as well as a work-life balance.



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