Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities for 2022: Luxurious Commercial Properties in Pune

Pune’s unprecedented growth as an IT business hub in recent years has attracted the attention of many investors worldwide. The city has truly evolved as an alternative to the expensive and somewhat saturated market of Mumbai. Commercial property appreciation in Pune is slated to grow at a rate of approximately 15 percent. A growth rate this significant is a healthy sign for Pune’s otherwise pandemic-stricken commercial real estate market.

Additionally, TCS’s recent decision to call off Work from Home and many other firms gradually resuming physical offices are other signs indicating Pune’s commercial real estate market growth. So, is it good to invest in a commercial property in Pune? Well, considering the recent action, it indeed is! Nevertheless, the choice and venue of investment matter from the viewpoint of the return on investment and sustainability. This one’s a potential contender in this regard!

Why Invest in Luxurious Commercial Properties Near Pune in 2022

Commercial Real Estate Sector In Pune and PCMC 

1. Global Corporations are Investing Near Pune!

Earlier, it was Mumbai, where most of the focus was. Sealing a space in Mumbai, and if not Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, or nearby regions, was no less than a contest. However, in recent times, the corporate investment tide has begun favoring Pune. Of course, there are several reasons for it. Two of the most significant ones are the availability of land and relatively cheaper office spaces. Recently, Barclays opened a massive office in Pune. Additionally, many other IT companies and corporates from different business domains are searching for office spaces near Pune.

2. The Focus is Around Pune

Employee lay-offs were one of the most significant consequences of the first wave of the pandemic. However, as the world gradually recovered from it and businesses took off steadily, hiring drives made a comeback. For example, earlier this year, IT hiring in Pune witnessed an eight to ten percent surge. This forms one of the indications concerning prominent IT companies and MNCs shifting their focus to Pune.

3. The Potential of the Adjacent City that Matters!

While discussing the business potential of Pune and its suburbs, one cannot discount the significance of the neighboring PCMC, which, too, has made it big in the global corporate investment arena. The city, home to many important industrial hubs, has proved its mettle regarding return on investments. An office in this city near Pune is also undoubtedly an option that businesses might want to consider in the long run.

4. AAA Grade Commercial Spaces will be in Demand

AAA Grade 

Fortunately, companies are looking at the bigger picture these days. They need physical office spaces that will reap a higher return on investments and serve them for a longer time. As a result, the demand for Grade AAA spaces, considering the history of high returns, will increase in the time to come. This might open the doors for institutional funding in commercial real estate assets and enable investors to reap higher returns.

5. The Receding Wave of Work from Home

The last one and a half years have been full of changes and shifts. One of them was the Work from Home wave, which was looked at as the new normal and assumed to stay longer. As a result, companies, and employees prepared themselves for it. However, earlier this year, the introduction of the COVID vaccine, followed by the nationwide unlock and the reduced number of COVID cases, resulted in companies returning to the office and calling employees back.

Additionally, reasons such as data security issues, household commotion and interruptions, etc., are other reasons why companies don’t want their employees to work from home. They want a significant workforce to return to the office and work as it used to earlier. As a result, Work from Home will soon fade away.

For the commercial real estate business, these are healthy signs!

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Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) – The Best Luxury Commercial Property to Invest Around Pune in 2022!

KWT Pune 

KWT is a prominent business landmark near Pune in the making. Strategically located near Pune, between the bustling business towns of Pimpri and Chinchwad, KWT is poised to become an investment avenue every business owner will look forward to leveraging. The massive commercial project features five towers and a High Street sprawling across an area of nine acres. It will offer several multi-sized offices of sizes ranging from 1,000 square feet to as large as 65,000 square feet.

So, no matter whether you are a startup or a global corporate intending to invest in commercial properties in Pune. Consider investing in KWT for a strategic location advantage, potentially high return on investments and give your business a proud address. For details, connect with KWT’s representatives at +91 20 6764 1818.



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